Awkward Sneak Peek: Will Jake and Matty's Feud Ruin Tamara's Big Night?

Awkward Season 5

It’s appropriate that Tamara is serving deviled eggs at her engagement party on Monday’s Awkward (MTV, 9/8c), because just like her impending marriage to Adam this shindig is guaran-damn-teed to go down in flames.

TVLine has an exclusive first look at the uncomfortable festivities, which take an immediate nosedive when Jake arrives less than a minute after former bestie Matty. Oh, did I mention Jake’s bringing Gabby along as his date?

I think Sadie speaks for all of us when she says, “I knew tonight was gonna be good!”

Hit PLAY on the preview clip below, then drop a comment with your thoughts: Are you tired of seeing Matty and Jake as enemies? And how far do you think Tamara will take this engagement?

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