Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Ratings

Ratings: Five-0 Returns to Series Low

CBS’ The Amazing Race returned on Friday to 5.8 million total viewers and a 1.2 demo rating (per finals), up a tick from both its year-ago opener and its spring cycle’s Friday premiere.

Leading out of that, Hawaii Five-0‘s Season 6 opener (8.3 mil/1.0) was down from both the drama’s previous premiere (8.9 mil/1.3) and finale (8.4 mil/1.1), hitting a series low in the demo.

Blue Bloods capped the Eye’s night with 10.1 mil/1.3, up a tenth from its previous premiere (10.9 mil/1.2) and matching its May finale (11.3 mil/1.3) in the demo.

Over on ABC, Last Man Standing (6.3 mil/1.1) was down two tenths from its previous premiere but up a tick from its April finale. Leading out of a Muppets pilot rerun, Shark Tank returned to 6.1 mil/1.7, down 17 percent from last fall’s two-hour premiere.

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  1. Katy says:

    Well…..maybe this will bode well for Person of Interest (yes I will forever tout that show because I love it LOL)

    • Patrick says:

      Especially because the stars of POI seem inclined to continue the show. The stars of H50 have been looking for the door since season 2. If it had been a huge hit, there wouldn’t have been a problem. With it not being a huge hit, filming in Hawaii seems to have turned into an onerous obligation, at least for the 2 main male leads. With these numbers, the PTB at CBS will probably let this one die at the end of the season. Good news is, they’ll have time to plot out a reasonably satisfying series finale.

      • Five 0 was and is a hit….the show continues to get 7million to 10 million viewers. It had the highest viewership in its times lot for years. Most of the regular cast do appreciate that they are connected to the islands and the Hawaii five 0 franchise. I Agee with some post here, a 7th season is more likely for Five-0 considering it helps Blue Bloods which also hit 1.0 demos then bounced back with Five 0 in the 9pm time slot. This show has a huge international following, this will factor in maybe even a 8th season….who knows?

      • CocoPuffy says:

        You have a clear vendetta against the actress and you should stop spreading lies. CBS has no problems with her. PL has no problems with her. Move on from this crap.

  2. KatieKatt says:

    Mayhaps if Peter Lenkov’s ego would let him talk about anything else other than the return of his ratings killing pet Michelle Borth in the spoilers more people might have tuned in.

    The North Korea ep she was heavily promoted for? Series low. Her goodbye episode? Series low. Her triumphant return in the ss5 finale? Series low. Seeing a pattern here? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    If CBS doesn’t make Peter get rid of her once and for all they will probably get rid of Hawaii Five-O once and for all.

    • DL says:

      Could’ve sworn there was a spoiler over the summer about Steve having a new love interest, so there ya go.

    • star says:

      Lmaoooooo how stupid do you have to be to believe that Michelle is the reason why ratings are down? She only had two scenes.
      I hope peter brings her back fully so that haters like you can stop watching, who has so much hate for some one they don’t know?
      I said this a couple of days back, the show is just not as good as the first season, the writing needs to be better. Plus we don’t need six men as regular characters and only one female, that needs to end.

      • KatieKatt says:

        I never said it had to do with how much she was in premiere but how much it was promoted and spoiled and talked about before the premiere. More promotion about Catherine being in the episode = less people watching. The math isn’t hard.

        Catherine brings nothing unique to the show and there’s no need for her to be there. It’s time for the network the producer and all her 5 (ok 10) fans to realize that. She doesn’t pass the sexy lamp test and she seems to be killing the ratings.

        I agree that we should go back to how show was in ss1. More Steve/Danny/Kono/Chin, less filler characters with no purpose, very little Catherine, more action, better writing, and no Peter Lenkov in charge. It was a dream season.

        • Keith says:

          Give me Katherine any day over the stupid arguing and counseling with Steve and Danny.That will be the reason I stop watching the show.

        • Will PL ever learn that Catherine always brings down the ratings

        • Susan P says:

          I agree with you. I don’t hate Michelle Borth, but she adds absolutely nothing to H50. She is more of a “ho-hum, when can we get back to the story character” for me. And, Yes! the writing could be a lot better. I enjoy watching Steve, Danny, Kono,Chin and Lou, but get bored with all the superfluous characters. How about more story lines with Dr. Max Bergman/Masi Oka?

          • mazel tov says:

            Y’all ought be happy now. Catherine is leaving to fly rescue supplies in Nepal. But then again, maybe she is off to do something else

          • Susan P says:

            No. I am not happy. They, once again, left the door open for her to return. She adds nothing to the show and it would be better if she had simply left Steve because she would rather be somewhere else than with him. The tearful, and obviously forced, goodbye was very unsatisfactory.

      • KatieKatt says:

        Everyone likes different things about all shows. No one is right and no one is wrong. Calling people stupid and other names doesn’t make me or anyone else like you Catherine fans or Michelle Borth. It only alienates us further from even considering listening to your opinions.
        Please stop throwing around the word hater. Just because you like something and I don’t doesn’t mean I’m a hater. I can not like a character and actor all I want. Besides you actually say on your Twitter account how much you hate Danny and Kono all the time. Maybe it is you who should stop watching?

      • Stacy says:

        Agreed! More action, more female casting. I still love Chi McBride and Jorge Garcia, but as a general rule I’d like to see more of the original four. Tighter writing with the main cast, and more diverse and promoted guest stars would be great.

        Good news is at least we know there are two females being added in at least supporting roles coming up.

    • It’s weird people saying all these things about Catherine and yet kono is supposed to be a Cop yet she married a man who killed his brother and then ran away with him had he beaten up on there honeymoon because of his connections to the yazzua and yet and she also asked Catherine to help her findadam without anyone knowing we no that Adam is baddy so she deserves what is coming toher

    • Do you check the ratings of other programmes that you watch or is it just Hawaii five o you must sit in front of the television with a pen and paper writing it all down i very sad

  3. JeffDJ says:

    Perhaps it didn’t help that it opened up with a pirate adventure and viewers switched away thinking they were on the wrong channel. A pirate adventure that ended up being b.s. in the end anyway. Or maybe it was fue to the revelation that this season’s theme will be romance. Come on, who wants to tune in to H5O for romance??

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I had that same thought about the extended opening flashback. Was there a “#H50” hashtag on the screen at least? I can’t recall.

    • bj says:

      First the pirate scene which had me checking the channel and then I almost turned off when Jerry started talking about getting his own office. Seriously? When I first tuned into this show we had lots of location shots and lots of Steve in action. Now we get less and less action and more and more screen time for characters I don’t care about. They need to focus on the main characters again and get some more action back into the show.

      If they need someone back at the office doing research use Catherine. She’s definitely not the reason the ratings are falling. She has the know how and the credentials and she can take an active part when needed.

    • helixro14 says:

      Totally agree about believing wrong show aired. The “Pirates of Caribbean” storyline and lighting continued for an unusually long time – enuf to switch channels for some. I was just lazy. And then there’s the whole shoot ’em or kill ’em if they get married thing that goes on with this show. Jeebus, can’t catch a break here and if McGarret gets married she’ll probably die, too. So Borth haters can wait for that.

      • Don’t have to wait for it PL said Cat is just there for 3 shows to end her story line and that Steve and Chin are getting new loves. They even posted the pictures of the two actresses that will play them.

  4. Angelo says:

    H50 was down because it was an Alex O’Loughlin centered episode. STM and his woman, Who cares? . The man ‘s acting is boring.

    • autumnd23 says:

      Sorry, but no. It’s almost always centered on Alex O’Loughlin. Love him!

    • It’s plain and simple, Stop watching. There you’e problem is solved. No need to to comment, if you cant be civil or nice about it… Ooops did I just contradict myself ;-)
      Last I checked, H50 is about McGarrett, of course it’s gonna be centered around Alex

    • Teddy says:

      Did you EVER watch the original Five 0? There must have been some mandate in Jack Lord’s contract stating every episode, (with the exception of about 2) would center totally on his character. I enjoy the cast, and also, Alex O’Loughlin’s portrayal of Steve McGarrett–if you are so “bored”, why are you watching? (Maybe, you just don’t like him, and to justify your comments, you need an excuse. Not a good excuse, but, whatever–right?)

  5. Carole says:

    I thought it wasn’t coming back, my mistake. The episode was pretty good

  6. matte says:

    When you say Last man standing is up a tick, do you mean total viewers? It had a 1.1 for its season finale didn’t it?

  7. Mr. Tran K says:

    OH NO for H5O. I predict that this season won’t be the last, it should get one more season and after that it’s done. CBS doesn’t have the nerve on how long several of its returning series will last.

  8. MIchelle Borth the reason for H50’s low ratings?! 5 years and we’re still debating this, we need to let it go already, it’s getting old, plus there’s no facts or basis for this claim to have legs.

    I’ve a fact, Friday’s are days usually when most, like myself, will head out to the local HS to watch their football game. Friday’s are also when most will go out and hang out with friends. Perhaps the ratings are low due to that, or people actually living life instead of throwing accusations at some actress that she is a ratings killer. We’re better than that… or so I thought. I have many shows that have certain things I dont like, but I deal with it. H50 fans need to do the same in regards to Michelle

    • KatieKatt says:

      Wrong Lovebug. Ratings for Hawaii Five-o were down not only from their ss5 premiere but from the ss5 finale. Blue Bloods ratings went up on a Friday night when people are out on dates or watching football like you claim. Fact is every single time the object of your obsession is heavily featured on the show it’s the series lowest ratings up to that point. Numbers don’t lie but apparently her fans do all the time. Do you remember that rigged contest she ran back in ss4? Winners were told months before she announced while publicly she was still looking for winners so she could get lots and lots of ‘I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!’ tweets.
      She is not a nice person and the majority of the show watchers don’t care about her character which is why the ratings are series lowest each episode she is heavily promoted in. Fact.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Warning: No gossipy attacks on actors. There are plenty of sketchy websites that will accommodate you on that front. Talk smart about TV.

        • KatieKatt says:

          My apologies Matt it won’t happen again.

        • Patrick says:

          Its not an attack on an actor if there is some comment about that actor’s appearance or off screen attitude/behavior when said appearance/attitude/behavior impacts that actor’s ability to successfully portray a character on TV. If a leading man gains a ton of weight, is it inappropriate to point out that it negatively impacts his portrayal as a male lead? Especially if his male lead is supposed to be an attractive, charming, lady’s man? If an actor engages in adulterous affairs and the viewership turns on him as a result, can that not be commented upon? This board’s moderators turned a blind eye to a variety of unsubstantiated rumors about (not me) Patrick’s adultery and subsequent firing on Grey’s. Its very hypocritical to allow some speculation and commenting, but not other “personal” attacks. It seems like this board’s moderators really only care about preserving its relationships with actors, rather than allowing genuine discussion about shows, characters, and the actors that play those roles. Its one thing to prevent comments such as “actress X is a fat pig.” Its something else to say that “actor B’s noticeable weight gain makes him much less believable as a leading man.” The first is just cowardly, anonymous, unfounded personal attacks. The second is a comment that lays out an observation/opinion, and support for same, and why that impacts a tv show.

  9. CocoPuffy says:

    Having Michelle Borth back is amazing, I think the ep could’ve benefitted from using her more. Hope she sticks around this season.

    • KatieKatt says:

      She’s gone after 603 and if the new boss at CBS has a backbone she won’t be coming back. She’s an embarrassment to their company and a lawsuit waiting to happen. I do want Hawaii Five-O to continue (without her terrible acting of course) but if ratings keep down like this and it gets cancelled I hope it’s without warning so she can’t be brought back ever again.

      • you must really have some sort of vendetta against Michelle borth she was given a part to play and she did that no one is perfect but to be so angry about her as you are is not nice I hope she comes back I season 6 if you want to be angry the be angry with the writers and producers of the show they hired her and anyway I hope she comes back later in the show and we have a big mcrollins reunion when they get rid of the new gf

        • Sorry PL said she is just there to end her story line. They have already posted the pictures and names of the new actresses who will be playing Steve’s new loves and Chin’s new love. MB caused too much trouble and CBS wanted her gone but let PL end her story line the way he wanted just so she is gone for good.

  10. Robin says:

    I gave up on H5O last year when Jorge Garcia was made a regular. In fact, when they stopped focusing on the 4 major characters they lost me. Too many extra actors. Oh well.

  11. Angel says:

    Good to see Steve and the team back and really hope Catherine sticks around. Steve and Catherine look good together – I really wish they do get married in the show. I’m not looking forward to the story line of a new woman entering Steve’s life so I might not watch those episodes plus I really dislike how there are all men on the team and only 1 woman; Kono. I find it really stupid how the makers wrote Catherine’s character out of the show only to replace her with Grover on the team who in my opinion looks completely out of place and now they’ve add eccentric Jerry to the team. I so wish they had kept Catherine as a regular part of 5 0 team and kept Grover on SWAT and Jerry as some informer

  12. SPAMMER says:


  13. Stacy says:

    The H50 premiere was not its strongest outing, unfortunately. Here’s the thing: none of the actual “piratey” stuff involved actors we care about. The opening flashback was too long, contained none of the starring cast and may have confused viewers about what program they were watching. I get it, I love Pirates of the Caribbean too, but this is not how you show it.

    As for Catherine/Michelle, I was mostly bummed that she was used so little. Whether they keep her or move on to a new love interest doesn’t bother me too much. Honestly? As soon as I saw the McGarrett/Catherine kiss my instincts went, “Oh, she’s goooone!” Build it up to tear it down. Danny’s divorced, Chin’s widowed, and Kono & Adam were just tortured on their honeymoon. Who among us is naive enough to believe we’re about to witness happiness?

    • Nicole says:

      I was sad to see the storyline with Kono and Adam. While it provides some good acting material, when is there any happiness for these poor characters! No one catches a break that’s for sure!

      • Stacy says:

        Ha, it’s true they’ve had a bumpy ride! But I really enjoy watching those two flex their acting muscles, so I won’t complain. :)

  14. That is sad that the ratings were low for Hawaii five o season 6 it is such a good show perhaps there have been changed to a story line that the fans didn’t like I can’t watch it yet because I live in the uk hope the ratings pick up soon

  15. If people say that Michelle. borth is such a bad actress why do they keep bringing her back. Even if she is only in three episodes of season 6 they could have come up with a story line in season 5 to give closure on the Steve and Catherine romance like bring in a new gf for him then but instead they brought Michelle back. again

    • Nika says:

      If MB was brought back was to end her story once and for all and also the show renewal came late so just in case th show was not going to be renewed the writers had to bring her back because she was Steve gf and she ws a member of the task force so all the cast members were there just in case the show was not going to be renewed.

      It has been said Michelle B has not been seen anymore on the filming set after 6.03. What does that tell you?

      Also there is a new love interest for Steve. What does that tll u?

  16. Aside from the demo which Five O most likely will go up in the following weeks, viewership for Five O still gave it the top spot above all shows in the 9pm time slot. With all the changes in platform viewership and ratings evaluations….viewership is becoming more appreciated by networks. Five 0 most likely will get another season….

    • KatieKatt says:

      Networks might like the viewership numbers but until advertisers start looking at anything other than the demo, all other numbers (including DVR watches, live+3, live+7) are all but meaningless.

  17. KatieKatt says:

    Here are some FACTS for Lovebug and Star and all other obsessed Borth fans.

    season three ratings average = 2.15/9.02
    320 (heavily promoted as Steve/Cath take on North Korea) = 1.8/7.65 aka lowest rated episode of entire season and series low at that time

    season four ratings average = 1.42/9.71
    421 (heavily promoted as Catherine’s goodbye episode) = 1.2/8.77 aka lowest rated episode of entire season and series low at that time

    season five ratings average = 1.25/9.53
    525 (heavily promoted as Catherine’s return) = 1.1/8.57 aka lowest rated episode of entire season and series low at that time

    601 = 1.0/8.09 aka lowest rated episode of entire series

    All these episodes have one thing in common, the spoilers and interviews and sneak peeks and tweets from the official accounts *before* the episode aired all heavily promoted Catherine as being a big part. Even leaving Borth and her actions out of it it’s clear that the majority of H-50 watchers do not care about Peter Lenkov’s vision of making the show about Steve’s girlfriend.

    • Vi says:

      So by this and your expert opinion, soon as she leaves, ratings will sky rocket up. We’ll see.

      • KatieKatt says:

        Where did I claim that? Nowhere. H-50 ratings are going to smell bad all season. They’ve been trending down each season as my average ratings show clearly. I do claim that if she hadn’t been brought back or if all the press and spoilers leading up to the premiere didn’t keep throwing her return in our faces the premiere’s ratings would’ve been better. How much better? Who knows.

    • Keith says:

      You have way too much time on your hands to pull up all these numbers.Just stop watching it and be happy

  18. I have just been watching a early episode of Hawaii five o and you can see the chemistry between Catherine and Steve as far back as season 1 so to all those. Catherine haters as Steve said to Danny you got to let this go

  19. that kiss between Steve and Catherine in season 6episode1 was amazing keys hope there’s loads more even when she leaves mcrollins is on YouTube so we will still be able to see it I wish they would get rid of kono and give Catherine her job so
    so can be close to steve

    • Nika says:

      What the heck are you talking about of gettting rid of Kono? Kono is 100%% much better than Catherine and Kono is a main cast member, Catherine never was and will never be. I guess you are one of those Mcrollins fans. Not me

      • yes I ama mcrollins fan and as I said before they should never have brought her back for the season 5 finale if they wanted closure for Steve and Catherine they should have given Steve a new girlfriend in season 5instead of bringing. Michelle back again anyway for all those who don’t like Catherine as Steve said to Danny you got to let this go I hope that the new gf thing doesn’t work. out and if Catherine doesn’t die they bring her back at the end of season 6and we have a big mcrollins reunion

  20. Maybe in season 6 Peter Lenkov might send Danny back to New Jersey and give Steve some peace and Catherine could join Hawaii five o and Steve gets his new gf and it becomes love triangle where he has the two of them

    • KatieKatt says:

      Not. Gonna. Happen.

      Why would CBS get rid of the only actor to get the show a Golden Globe nomination? Why would they replace him with the actress that ruins their ratings? I’m sure the majority of viewers would just love a focus on a love triangle instead of crimes and action and all the other things that they tune in for. If I could put an eyeroll emoticon here I would.

      But in typical McRoll/Borth fan fashion, let’s keep on saying anyone who doesn’t like Catherine or Borth is a hater who has a vendetta against her while calling for the removal of Danny and/or Kono. “Get rid of” were your exact words I believe. This would be another great spot for an eyeroll emoticon.

      I swear Borth fans drank too much of her koolaid or something as they all seem to think her role on the show is/was far more important than it is. But whatevs. What will be will be. None of us have any control over what CBS does or the future of the show. Watch it or don’t. Unless your home is a Nielson family what you say/think/watch/don’t watch/feel doesn’t make one bit of difference.

      • We are all entitled to our opinion and you still keep
        going on about Michelle borth you keep going on about the ratings well let’s wait and see I hope that you will be much nicer about the new girl or the the ratings fall in
        Season 6will you blame her as well I hope they do

      • I live inthe uk and will not be able to watch seaso 6till next year so we wil have to see what happens

    • Susan P says:

      If the writers listened to your vision for the show I would stop watching immediately. Catherine has always been the most boring part of any episode for me. Kono fits the show much better than Catherine.

  21. maybe in season 6 Peter Lenkov will send Danny back to New Jersey and Catherine will join Hawaii five o and Steve gets his new gf and is involved in a love triangle

    • Nika says:

      You are dellusional, Scott Caan is not leaving the show or his character is going back to New Jersey, you simply want to see Catherine full time onthe show. Sorry not many people agree with you. Many people hate MB character.

      • well I hope that by that by the time it reaches us in the uk the ratings have dropped and the new girl is on her wa back home with
        with her bags and he cat and many people like Michelle borth

  22. Jake says:

    Really tired of the writers always putting the actors in jeopardy not related to work, in this case, Kono. Did we need to see her on her honeymoon getting beat up by the new baddie regular? And I just knew the knock on the door after the scene of them peacefully at home was going to be some villain. Too predictable –

  23. I read on line that the translation of Hawaii five o season 6 episode 3 is big lie where that is anything to do with a storyline between Steve and Catherine I don’t no it could be to do with her leaving in that episode

    • Nika says:

      So tell me a reason why Steve and Catherine will break up so Catherine will leave if the storyline wont have anything to do with them?

  24. Scott can made some nasty remarks about Hawaii I wonder if the people will hate him for that the same way they hate Michelle borth

    • Nika says:

      Scott comments were not recent, it was like 2 yrs ago when that happened and still you see him on the show, that means he was not going anywway

    • Aubrey says:

      Its funny that you say we’re all allowed an opinion but call anyone who doesn’t agree with yours a hater. To get to your comment about Caan tho: because Caan saying he hates the food in Hawaii [said almost three years ago btdubs and OMFG soooooo nasty. How dare he!!!] is so the same as what Borth was reported to CBS for doing to fans of the show? We get it. You like her but plenty of fans don’t and don’t want her on the showand if Katiekatt’s theory is right, H50 viewers don’t want her there either.

  25. any way it is a good show

  26. Grace says:

    I don’t really feel one way or another about Catherine–I think she was most useful in the show when she was in the Navy, and didn’t really fit in with 5-0 (which has always worked best with just the original four). But I do think it’s cool that Steve has only had one girlfriend for five seasons–that’s rare on TV! It’s a bummer that the ratings went down–hopefully they’ll pick up in the weeks to come. Love 5-0 so much!

  27. I just saw that the ratings for Hawaii five oseason6 were low I expect the Catherine haters will blame her for that to even though she only had a small part and oh that kiss was amazing hope Peter Lenkov surprises is and she comes back for more kisses like that I don’t think he will kill her of maybe he has more surprises for us

    • KatieKatt says:

      You just saw?! Did you even read this article you’ve been commenting on or read what I posted?

      season three ratings average = 2.15/9.02
      320 (heavily promoted as Steve/Cath take on North Korea) = 1.8/7.65 aka lowest rated episode of entire season and series low at that time

      season four ratings average = 1.42/9.71
      421 (heavily promoted as Catherine’s goodbye episode) = 1.2/8.77 aka lowest rated episode of entire season and series low at that time

      season five ratings average = 1.25/9.53
      525 (heavily promoted as Catherine’s return) = 1.1/8.57 aka lowest rated episode of entire season and series low at that time

      601 = 1.0/8.09 aka lowest rated episode of entire series

      I did not make up these numbers or pull them out of my butt. It doesn’t matter how much time she’s actually in the episode, episodes that are heavily promoted *before* the episode airs as being Catherine heavy are always the lowest rated episodes of the season and of series at that time. “once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a pattern.” Famous quote. I wonder what they would say about four times.

      Once again please let me ask you to stop calling anyone who doesn’t like Catherine/Borth a hater. Has anyone here called you a hater when you clearly don’t like and want to be rid of Kono and Danny?

      • Well I guess you would have kept on saying things about Michelle borth if Matt is said not to do it so you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine let’s see what happens as I mentioned before if the ratings continue to be low will you blame it on the new girl which I hope they are I hope that by the time we get it over here they have gone right. down who will you blame then maybe chins new gf

        • KatieKatt says:

          No I won’t because Julie Benz and Sarah Carter know how to behave like adults on their social media accounts.

          Now you’re saying you hope the ratings stay down? You do realize that if they go much lower CBS will cancel the show right?

          • Well it is only a tvprogramme and we all no thatmichelle borth is going so enjoy watching it as I will when we get it sorry for any offence caused I will only watch the first three episodes anywqy how long does a series last for whenithink there about 24 episodes in each season howmanymonths is that you will
            be well into to it by the time we get it I expect I think we will
            get it on sky one series 4 is just started overhere so it will be next year I think I wish I could finds wayto watch iron line anyway good luck with season 6

  28. I think that if alexoloughin thought that michelle borths acting was affecting the ratings he would have said something to the writers and he continuedtowork with her for four seasons she wasn’t in many episodes of series one or two were the ratings checked for those and anyway I read a article where he said he liked what Michelle brought to the.

    • KatieKatt says:

      News flash, Alex has no control over who gets cast, who stays, who goes, plots, or anything really. He’s an actor on the show that’s it. Peter Lenkov makes these decisions and the actors have to go along with it. Of course Alex will say nice things in public. He is a professional. Professional actors who behave like adults don’t badmouth their coworkers or fans in the press or on social media.

    • Nostra says:

      Christine. Are you from the United States? Is English your main language? Your grammar is terrible!!!

  29. series 1and2of Hawaii five o had good positive reviews and I think that Michelle borth was in two episodes of series I and I episode o series2and they both had good reviews they could have kept lori in series two and got rid of Michelle then because she was not a regular member at that time so eve though she only had small parts the reviews were good

  30. anyway it is only a TV programme and we all no Michelle borth is leaving so that is that hope you all enjoy watching the series as I will when we get it well some episodes anyway up to episode three how lo there are about 24 episodes in each season how many months is it

  31. Didnt Matt just ask us NOT to continue on with our gossipy attacks upon an actress or each other. When is enough, enough? Watch the show and enjoy it for what it is and lastly, if you wanna reach out to me that bad, that’s what Twitter and Facebook is for!! My comments are at least civil and respectable, and not once did I attack anyone. Once again, I say, perhaps it’s time for TVLIne to install a report feature. Words may be just words to some, but to others, it’s a weapon that can inflict a lot of damage… I hope someone at TVLine takes note and realizes the dangers that are happening in the comment section, I’ve seen and know of people who have killed themselves because of situations similar to these.

  32. Hawaii 5-0 is always great they have a great writing team & actors. your opinion is not what
    viewers think. I also watch Blur Bloods every Friday. the other shows we never watch.
    Of course we are older not 18- 25.