Bones Video: Booth's Remains Found (But Brennan's Having None of It)

First Sweets and now… Booth?!

One year after Bones bid tragic farewell to John Francis Daley’s shrinky dink, the Fox procedrama is set to rattle Team Jeffersonian’s fragile nerves anew in next Thursday’s Season 11 premiere with a storyline that strongly implies that Booth has R.I.P.’d, too.

But even in the face of mounting evidence (including his purported remains), Brennan is not buying what the DNA tests are selling. (For the record, neither are we.)

“It can’t be him,” Brennan insists to her colleagues in the exclusive promo above.

Press PLAY above and then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Will you be watching Bones‘ Oct. 1 kickoff to see how this little mystery plays out?

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