Muppets Ratings

Ratings: ABC's Muppets Opens Big, Fox's Scream Queens Starts Soft

ABC’s The Muppets premiered on Tuesday to 9 million total viewers and a 2.9 demo rating (per finals), veritably doubling the year-ago launch for Selfie (4.9 mil/1.4) and trailing only The Voice in the demo for the night.

The Muppets thus stands as ABC’s biggest series debut since How to Get Away with Murder.

Leading out of that, Fresh Off the Boat returned to 6.1 mil/1.9, up markedly from its freshman finale (5.1 mil/1.5) as well as Manhattan Love Story’s year-ago debut (4.3 mil/1.3). Dancing With the Stars’ performance/elimination combo (9.5 mil/1.5) was up sharply from last Tuesday’s recap special.

Among Tuesday’s other newcomers, CBS’ Limitless (9.9 mil/1.9) edged out the year-ago demo for Person of Interest‘s season opener (10.7 mil/1.8) and improved on POI’s May finale (8.2 mil/1.2). Fox’s Scream Queens debuted to 4 mil and a 1.7, whereas a year ago Utopia did 2.5 mil/0.9 and in the 9 o’clock hour New Girl/Mindy averaged 2.9 mil/1.5.


CBS | NCIS (18.2 mil/2.5) landed somewhere between its Season 12 premiere (18.3 mil/2.9) and finale (15 mil/2.0), while NCIS: New Orleans (12.6 mil/1.7) fell well shy of its series debut (17.1 mil/2.5) but matched its freshman finale (13.6 mil/1.7).

NBC | The Voice (12.4 mil/3.5) matched Monday’s premiere. Best Time Ever (5.9 mil/2.1) rose three tenths from its launch.

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  1. rcb918 says:

    Glad to see The Muppets doing so well, and Fresh Off the Boat swinging upwards. Shocked at Scream Queens though. I was expecting that to do a lot better.

    • Chris says:

      Despite mixed reviews I actually liked it. The adult themes were only slightly off putting but I got over it. I just wished the show wasn’t in “The Office” format, kinda hoping for a “30 Rock meets the Muppets”. I’ll continue to check it out though.

  2. Katy says:

    Go POI!!!! Also wow Scream Queens was not the hit FOX was hoping for but it could be worse looking at those last years ratings.

    • Zayne says:

      I did not care for Scream Queens at all. I’m kind of baffled by all the good buzz it got leading up to the premiere. I think I laughed twice, maybe. I’d rather just go watch the original Scream.

      • Dude says:

        Ryan Murphy’s comedies are rarely ‘haha’ funny as much as they’re a bunch of girls throwing catty digs at each other. I found it quite uneven but I enjoyed it overall. That said, it’s not what I hope it’d be. It zig zags a bit too much from being over the top campy and too sincere.

    • Soryn Arkayn says:

      I’m surprised Scream Queens faired so poorly — I assumed the Glee sheeple would eat up more Ryan Murphy BS, but apparently fans of pop music and dance numbers are squeamish at the sight of blood. Who woulda thought? :P

      I admit that I watched Scream Queens; partly out of curiosity after reading some positive reviews; partly because Jamie Lee Curtis is in it; but mainly because there was NOTHING else worth watching between 8-10 PM on Tuesday night. I didn’t like Scream Queens; it’s not funny enough to be comedy; it’s not self-aware enough to be parody; it’s not scary enough to be a thriller; and it’s not gory enough to be horror. So WTF is it?

      A FAILURE.

      Jamie Lee Curtis deserves better than this abortion of a horror TV series.

  3. Mark says:

    Scream Queens seems like a show that will get a large bump with the dvr +7 numbers.

  4. Erika says:

    1.6 ratings for Scream Queens sounds awful!!!And that means Screarm Queens will get canceled due to as usual,low ratings.FOX is probably crying about this.
    And good ratings for the Muppets and Fresh of the Boat.

    • Katie T says:

      It doesn’t work like that and it’s far too early to tell what will get cancelled or not. Networks pay much more attention to the Live+3 ratings and streaming ratings than they used to. And even if they didn’t, a 1.6 doesn’t automatically mean a show is low enough to be cancelled. It’s all relative to what the other shows on that network do. If there’s a number of shows that do less than that then a 1.6 rating show during the season would be safe

    • Annie says:

      Given the amount of money that Fox has invested in Scream Queens, they are going to let the season play out no matter how low the ratings get.

      • Soryn Arkayn says:

        I agree that FOX has hyped Scream Queens too much to kill it this early. Besides, none of FOX’s shows performed very well. Gotham’s premiere only had 500k more viewers Monday night and actually performed worse in the 18-49 demo.

        I believe FOX will air all 15 episodes of Scream Queens — although if the ratings get any worse FOX will probably dump it on Friday nights and burn off episodes two at time.

        I didn’t like Scream Queens, but I wonder if its poor ratings were because people aren’t interested or if they preferred other shows instead? All of the other Tuesday night shows are crap, but based on the ratings, it seems that all the pop music loving idiots who used to watch Glee and American Idol decided to watch The Voice instead of Scream Queens.

    • Dude says:

      Scream Queens online buzz alone will ensure all 15 episodes are aired. Whether it gets another season or not is too soon to tell (probably not) but honestly, why should it matter if it gets another season if its an anthology?

      • Pete says:

        Online buzz doesn’t necessarily translate to actual viewers.
        Especially if the bulk of that online buzz is just between a few people.

  5. Neemo says:

    “…but fell shy of POI’s May finale (8.2 mil/2.1)” Maybe 2 years ago… POI finale last May did 8.2 mil/1.1 rating.
    Good for the Muppets :)

  6. Emma says:

    DWTS had a performance show and second elimination Tuesday night. First elimination was Monday. Tuesday might be a new record low if compared to other peroformance shows.

  7. wrstlgirl says:

    Wow Fox has to be disappointed in those numbers for Scream Queens. I’m actually a but shocked it didn’t do better.

  8. Boiler says:

    Actually thought Muppets would do better. Scream Queens thought would do better also but not my cup of tea anyway. As always next couple weeks should be more telling

  9. atxnole says:

    Huh, that Scream Queens number seems terrible to me. Would it be better off on FX as well?

  10. Ellinas1978 says:

    Limitless will only go down from here. Also was Jennifer Carpenter that bad of an actress on Dexter (and Michael C. Hall made it harder to notice) or is it the writing that makes her look worse? Can’t put my finger on it.

    • Nick says:

      She can’t drop the f-bomb like she could on Dexter.

      • Ellinas1978 says:

        Hahaha. The writing on Dexter was way better (maybe not in the last season). She’s probably thinking of “four letter words” while she has to act the garbage they are giving her. But she’s the one that picked the project so I won’t feel sorry for her.

      • Patrick says:

        Cable and internet programs use graphic language, violence, and nudity/sex as crutches. When you have to write clean, its really hard.

        • Ellinas1978 says:

          I don’t agree that is what’s happening here. You have different writers. Dexter was good but it wasn’t because of the graphic language, violence and nudity. Maybe the good writing at Dexter made her look way better than she actually is.

          • c-mo says:

            Without those, what did you have? The base subject matter would never, ever have been welcomed on an antenna network because you can’t have a show about a serial killer without using graphic images or language. And if it was on an antenna network, it would have to be a black comedy at 9pm (CT)/10 (ET) and those just don’t exist…although if I could write, I just might come up with a script of my own because the possibilities running through my mind are endless!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      She was by far my least favorite character on Dexter.

      • Ellinas1978 says:

        But she was never that bad on Dexter. She just couldn’t act yesterday. As much as I want to give that show more episodes, there is no grand backstory to grab me, and the acting is terrible.

        • Patrick says:

          I tried to soft play it last night in my comments, but she was horribly mis cast in this role. There was no chemistry with her co-star, and that is the central relationship on the show.

          • Ellinas1978 says:

            I agree with that. But even the scenes she was doing with her boss she was trying to act and it wasn’t working. That’s when I actually noticed it even more. Should have hit stop and delete right there, gave it the extra minutes until the end. Glad I didn’t set a series recording, not that it’s hard to delete that, just more effort I won’t have to bother with.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          I’ve never liked anything she’s done, just don’t care for her as an actress, just my opinion of course. I know a lot of people love her.

    • AshPie says:

      She was that bad of an actress on Dexter, she ruined Dexter with her awful acting and Limitless I’m sure won’t last long either.

      • Ellinas1978 says:

        Well IT IS CBS so there is no telling how long it will last. There are other shows there that I have no clue how they can still be on.

  11. thisismenow says:

    Scream Queens has the potential to grow and do better when it hits it’s regular time slot next week. I am sure the 7 day numbers for it will improve. With other new programs on last night, a 2 hour premiere was a major commitment, I wouldn’t be shocked if many people sent it to their DVR to watch over the weekend. Honestly, Fox should have aired the 2 hour premiere the week before.

    • Shannon says:

      If it had premiered last week, it would have gotten better ratings from me at least.

    • Soryn Arkayn says:

      I think you’re right. I was surprised that Scream Queens didn’t debut higher, and I suspect that a lot of the target demo DVR-ed it and watched The Voice instead.

      I agree that FOX should’ve premiered Scream Queens last week — the same with all of FOX’s shows — because the ratings would’ve been much higher. FOX made a terrible mistake trying to go head-to-head with the premieres of TBBT, The Voice, DWTS, and NCIS. They were never going to win those battles. FOX’s idiotic scheduling decisions are the worst enemy of its own TV shows, as usual.

  12. Mr. Tran K says:

    The Muppets did so great in its debut as does Limitless. We’ll see if both newbies can do better in Week 2.

  13. Anonymous says:

    1.Low ratings means that,no one was watching live.2.Youth people are watching more from digital a la PC,tablets,smartphones than TV these days.So that means its the end of an era for the big 5 broadcast networks because of low ratings kiling their shows and end up canceled these days.I think broadcast networks is slowly dying because,these days more people in the US watching cable and streaming shows.And they think cable and streaming shows are better than broadcast shows and that’s why Emmy’s nominated drama/comedy shows,mostly from cable(HBO,FX,Showtime) and streaming(Netflix,Hulu,Amazon).This is why Emmy’s hates slaps the broadcast shows.

    • Arvin says:

      Don’t be absurd. At least look at all the cable ratings. TWD and GOT are masking cable’s rating nosedive.Just look at ABC Fam and Syfy

  14. Joe says:

    Loved The Muppets and Fresh off the Boat !!

  15. Drew says:

    The first episode of Lone Star got 4.06 million viewers and was canceled after the second episode… If Scream Queens lasts longer than Lone Star, there is no justice in the world.
    (Yes, I’m still bitter after five years)

    • Joe says:

      I like Lone star

    • AJ says:

      I liked Lone Star, but Scream Queens will last longer. 1) 5 years later, things are very different in TV & 2) Ryan Murphy

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Plus, SQ is skewing very young, very female, which tends to translate into meaty DVR bumps.

        • Ellinas1978 says:

          For a second I thought you said “skewering”, which even though I haven’t watched the show I would imagine could be one way to kill off some of the characters. Made me do a double-take and then smile.

      • Drew says:

        I don’t understand why Fox views Murphy as a talent worth investing in. Glee had a good start, but everything past the first half of season 1 was basically Fox throwing money at a sinking ship. If anything, he’s proven that he is not a long-haul investment, yet they keep giving him more and more shows. I don’t get it!

        • thisismenow says:

          American Horror Story has risen each season in viewers on FX (also owned by FOX) He makes them money. Glee held decent ratings in season 2 and was still pulling in decent numbers Seasons 3 and 4 for Fox. When Corey died, the show took a nosedive that it never recovered from. Had he lived to the finale, I think the ratings would have been better for the final two seasons.

          • Drew says:

            The Glee ship was going down long before Cory died. I’ll grant you that the series didn’t completely tank in the ratings for a while, but the quality of the show was crap. It was a joke for longer than it wasn’t. AHS is unreliable as far as ratings go. It can spike here and there, but usually can’t hold onto those numbers, and it’s ratings are uneven from season to season. It hasn’t really risen steadily in the ratings.
            I guess what I mean to say is that the network constantly seems to throw all of their resources into backing this guy’s shows and I’m not sure why. He isn’t a reliable success. Even the people who watched his shows tend to view them as iffy at best. I think there are better investments for the network to be making.

    • Chris Leonardi says:

      The network averages are much lower now then then. You can’t compare them. You might as well moan that Fox considered Firefly’s 4.1 premiere a disappointment and now has no problems with shows that average a 2.

    • pete says:

      Lone star was not liked by network because of content…lonesrar had to be a hit right out of gate to get them pass network and sponsors not liking show.

      Scream queens has a ton of competition it will have to drop alot to get replaced by Gordon ramsey

  16. damroberts744 says:

    I’m actually very surprised by Scream Queens not doing super well. I mean, its Fox and they have a strong working relationship with Ryan Murphey so I kind of expect it to at least get a full season. That said, I think TVLine’s prediction of it being the first show renewed isn’t looking likely.

  17. kmw says:

    Good for The Muppets and Limitless. Realizing that last year FOX had horrible numbers on this night, FOX is probably a little happy with those results but that being said the way they pushed Scream Queens its also probably disappointed with those numbers as well. Yes it will get good DVR numbers but I still expected it start demo numbers in the 2’s. I do not expect the new comedies next week will give them a better lead in either, but I could be wrong. Nothing else surprised me last night

  18. Matt C. says:

    Truly shocked at SQ’s numbers. I was sure that show would be a slam dunk for FOX. Even AHS premiered better for the past 2 seasons, and that show is on cable!

    • Cory says:

      I don’t consider it very shocking at all. Broadcast viewership keeps shrinking as cable shows do better and better in the ratings. Of course there are exceptions, but it’s not a trend that’s going to stop.

      • c-mo says:

        I don’t think they’re necessarily doing better, it’s just that there are sooooo many viewing options than there were even 5 years ago that it’s like comparing apples to diapers; they’re almost not even in the same realm.

  19. Morticia says:

    Who killed the muppets? The new one has none of the quirkiness of the old venerable show. Too bad. Was looking forward to it but not now.

  20. Dean says:

    I’m wondering how Muppets will do next few weeks pretty sure the audience was of those curious empugh to see how this did compared to the old show and with Flash returning should make the 8 hour more competitive.

  21. Gerald says:

    Scream Queens was not what I was hoping for. a cheesy how to get away with murder and lets just line up for others to get murdered. Can’t believe we watched one or two murders and and we know who did them and they just cover them up. I expect additional twists as the season progresses, but can only see this show going for 1 season.
    Yay Muppets. I’m on board with the premise and was oddly heart broken when they showed the Kermit Piggy break-up flashback.

    • Soryn Arkayn says:

      I don’t think FOX intended for Scream Queens to run more than one season. Firstly, Emma Roberts and Abigail Breslin aren’t going to be tied to a lame TV series long-term. Second, based on their irredeemable sorority queen characters, they’re not going to survive the season finale. Third, FOX has a terrible track record of supporting their shows after the first season. They hype them like crazy, then they let them die and move on to the next flavour of the season. I think Scream Queen’s 15-episode run is perfect for FOX. It’ll be done before the holiday hiatus and something new will debut in January. By the time the renewal announcements are made next May, no one will remember Scream Queens — assuming that it doesn’t get cancelled sooner because of its poor ratings.

  22. iHeart says:

    oh man I hope Scream Queens doesn’t end up like Red Band Society

  23. Television says:

    Won’t watch them ruin the muppets

  24. Jimpy says:

    I wish they would stop putting shows I want to watch up against NCIS because I’m going to watch Gibbs and company live.

  25. RKL103 says:

    I LOVED the Muppets! I’m really addicted and I just want more. I was surprised it didn’t hit 11 million viewers but 8 is not so bad as well considering it is ABC. I just hope it continues to rise and snatch early renewal.
    As for Scream Queens.. I actually loved the 2 hour premiere, it was rather entertaining and very hilarious, but in terms of viewership and ratings dammit I was expecting 5 million at least (7 million at most) but wow that’s disappointing. Though knowing it’s a Ryan Murphy show, we all know it’s gonna snatch a renewal
    Limitless was meh.. Doesn’t deserve that many viewers it was OKAY, but all is well for it.

  26. Shaun says:

    Not sure if SQ will continue to go up against NCIS regularly or not.Should have premiered it last week.

  27. bg says:

    You knew Scream Queens was going to be so bad, when rhey have been so desperately promoting it!

  28. Kf135 says:

    So happy to have The Muppets back on TV!!! Loved the show and the format. Hope it stays on for a long time!

  29. Joe says:

    Been watching Scream Queens on Hulu , it’s not that good ( Emma Roberts is annoying) and I’m even half way through it

  30. eric says:

    Lol I put a negative review of Scream Queens on here and TVline removed it. If TVLine gave SQ a good review then they are being paid by Fox and have an agenda with the comments.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Nope, nothing in either our Trash or Spam folders from your IP address. In fact, in recap Comments I see you saying, “Scream Queens was terrible…. what a stupid show that could have been cool.” #ConspiracyOver

  31. jericho says:

    I loved the concept of Limitless and am really interested to see how the premise they end up with in the pilot works. I can say I am not a huge fan of a couple of the actors but we will see how that works out in the end.

    As for Scream Queens… I simply could not get through the first hour, let alone the second. It was beyond bad. For the guy who gave us AHS, Glee, and Nip/Tuck, this one just feels like a failure and its definitely a non-starter for me.

    I can’t wait til next week when we get Agents of SHIELD back. The night really felt hollow without it and The Flash.

  32. LT says:

    I was pleasantly surprised at the modern MUPPETS. I like it…keeping it on DVR for now.

  33. ScottJ says:

    I’m not sure what people were expecting The Muppets and Scream Queens to be. I’d only seen a few promos, and both shows were almost exactly what I thought they’d be, although Scream Queens was rather more violent and with a lot more blood.

  34. drhenning says:

    Looking forward to episodes 3 and 4 of Limitless which used my brother’s company office in Brooklyn as a set.. NYC locations are always a positive for me especially when not hidden like they are often are on shows like The Good Wife ( Supposed to be Chicago) and The Americans ( DC area)…

  35. Wendy says:

    Scream Queens was terrible. Emma Roberts can’t act and I don’t like any of the characters.

  36. Dude says:

    Ouch for Scream Queens. I don’t know what’s considered good for Fox anymore but wow. Probably for the best though. I don’t see this model working for several years.

  37. Dr. M says:

    I suspect people tuned in to see the muppets on ‘The Muppets’. Those people will probably not be back next week.

  38. Ellen Lipschitz says:

    I watched it but almost turned it off. I thought it was awful. And I’ve always loved the Muppets.

  39. tv fan says:

    muppets-hated it sorry, not my kinda show. Scream queens- that was just boring I couldn’t get pasted the first 10 minutes, minority report, not a chance and limitless was okay, rosewood was interesting still not sure that I will be watching most of the new stuff again next week but we will see. Castle was pretty good, hope to see what good stuff comes on tonight-if not it’s back to football and baseball for me. Good luck to the shows that haven’t shown up yet.