How to Get Away With Murder Sneak Peek: Famke Janssen's Got an (Unwelcome?) Surprise for Annalise

There are plenty of campuses where the “everyone gets a trophy!” philosophy continues to prevail — but How to Get Away With Murder‘s Middleton University isn’t one of ’em.

In the following preview from this Thursday’s premiere (10/9c on ABC), hard-charging law professor Annalise Keating (recent Emmy winner Viola Davis) is doling out a crisp warning slap to her minions — “Do your work or get out of my house!” — when she’s interrupted by a voice (seemingly) from her past.

Yep, it’s Famke Janssen’s mysterious Eve — and from the sounds of it, girlfriend knows that Annalise isn’t the type who appreciates an unannounced visitor.

Press PLAY above for the full scene, then hit the comments and discuss your anticipation level for the return of the third hour of ABC’s #TGIT lineup!

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