Bastard Executioner Sneak Peek: Is a Teen Girl About to Lose Her Head?

If The Bastard Executioner‘s Baroness Love ever time-traveled to the mid-1980s, we’re betting she’d be a big fan of Janet Jackson’s “Control” — particularly the tart zinger, “I call my own shots, thank you.”

In the following exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode (10/9c on FX), Flora Spencer-Longhurst’s recently widowed character is presented with troubling news about potentially treasonous acts by local teenagers. But when her late husband’s right-hand man Corbett (Stephen Moyer) assumes she’s going to blindly follow his advice, her response is as chilly as the cold Atlantic waters she uses to occasionally refresh her spirit.

Still, the ruling-class woman with a soft spot for the people isn’t operating in a vacuum — and Corbett’s reminder that the eyes of London are upon them means there won’t be much time to mull the fate of the stubborn girl who’s now a prisoner in Castle Ventris.

(Will Hot Priest offer any guidance, I wonder, or will he remain silent as usual?)

Press PLAY above to see how the Baroness proceeds, then hit the comments and predict how you think it’ll all play out.

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