Big Brother Best Worst Winners

Big Brother's Best and Worst Winners: We Ranked All 16 Champs

In just over 24 hours, Julie Chen will award the 17th Big Brother winner with a giant check for $500,000 (and the guarantee that they’ll be famous for approximately 45 seconds).

The last three contestants standing — Vanessa Rousso, Liz Nolan and Steve Moses — have all earned their place in the finale, but where do they stack up against Big Brother champs from seasons past?

In the photo gallery below, we ranked each of the 16 previous victors from worst (apologies to the handful of readers who really loved Season 9) to best. And although he’s not included in the slideshow, we are fully aware that Zingbot is the real winner of every Big Brother season.

Scroll through the photos below — or click here for direct access — to see our rankings, then hit the comments with your favorite winners from years past!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Brian says:

    This show has so many crappy winners.

  2. Leah says:

    Ughh just no at Derrick being #1. Yes he was a very smart player but he was in a season full of idiots. Cody giving up 500k to bring his friend to the final 2 proves how dumb that cast was

  3. Stacie says:

    Big Brother is to Will Kirby as Richard Hatch is to Survivor. So much of what Big Brother is today, just like what Survivor is today, the gameplay, strategy, alliances and entertaiment is due to the very sneak, sharp and best winner, Will Kirby for BB and Hatch for Survivor.
    – Dan, Derrick, Dick, and many others took a ton from Will’s playbook. I know that Will is ranked #2, but he should be #1. Derrick was a solid winner, but I also take into account the cast that they had to play against, and how hard it was to win. Derrick’s cast was weak, and although he was very good, it’s easier to be good when the others are bad.
    -Dick had a harder game to play with his daughter, Rachel had a harder game with her boyfriend. There were a ton of strong casts before the more recent casts, even though this season was better. I mean even Maggie’s season 6 was strong, therefore her winning is very impressive. I agree the Bottom 3 are Adam, Eddie and Andy with Lisa and Jordan(though adorable) right near the bottom. I have Top 3 as Will, Dick and Rachel. Just my opinion. Very debatable, obviously.

  4. LK says:

    Derrick does not deserve to be ranked in the top 5… his cast was very weak and let him manipulate them… Will, Dan and Dick should be the top 3 for sure. Will be interesting to see where this season ranks.. Vanessa would be a worthy winner for dominating the game… Steve road on her coat-tails and Liz basically floated to the end…

    • Creeper says:

      If Derrick doesn’t deserve to be top 5 because of the weak cast he played against, then for sure Vanessa can’t be rated top 5 if she wins because the cast this year is even weaker.

  5. Those rankings are awful. God awful

  6. David Wilson says:

    Dan is too low (should be the top- he’s still the only person ever to win unanimously), and Derrick is too high…Jordan is a little low too.

    As to this season’s possibilities:

    If Liz wins, I’d put her in the bottom third- she did have to switch with Julia for 5 weeks, and she has won some comps, but Austin protected her most of the season- and a win for her likely means the jury voted more against the other person than for her (though she does have 2 votes in Austin and Julia locked, so she only needs 3 out of 7)..

    If Steve wins, I’d put him in the middle- he’s won comps when he had to, and he probably dumps Vanessa at final three if he wins it to guarantee the win for him- but he’s trying to play an Ian-type game, and he’s not succeeding.

    If Vaneesa wins, I’d put her in the top third- she’s a good strategist, and she’s won comps (I think she has to win HOH tomorrow night or she’s out), but she over-analyzes things, which can be very tiring for viewers.

    • LC says:

      I agree with where you place Vanessa. Based on the rankings and reasons for the other winners so far, I’d put her 3rd or 4th. She’s played a very good strategic game aligning with many sides of the house and making each feel that they’re the alliance she’s really being loyal to. Like Derek, she made many of the HOHs do her dirty work and stayed out of the HOH position when she knew it could hurt her. She’s also kept her profession a secret and won quite a few comps. But she’s even less likeable than Will Kirby, and has stirred up drama where it wasn’t always necessary.
      I’d actually place Liz and Steve both somewhere in the middle. Liz has won some comps, and she managed to completely overcome the twin twist by deflecting the attention off her sister and herself all the way until the final 5. (A different outcome in the final 5 HOH would have had Steve, Johnny Mac or Vanessa out of the house and a whole different game now.) She was a bit of a cry-baby and a little on the mean side from time to time, but I’d have her in the 7 to 10 range.
      Steve, as you said, has tried to play an Ian game. For that reason alone, I would have put him lower on the list than Liz. He also was very much a loner and just went whatever way the wind was blowing without much of a strategy at all (seemingly) for most of the game. Yes, he won a couple of comps, but really didn’t form many strong relationships (other than Johnny Mac). He just managed to stay under the radar for so long, he rode coat tails long enough. I’d put him somewhere around 9-12.

      • David Wilson says:

        This is why I think there’s a decent chance Liz wins tomorrow, especially if Steve wins the last HOH and boots Vanessa- Steve thinks cutting her will be the “big move” he needs to win over the jury, but a lot of the jury just don’t like him that much- and Julia only needs 3 more votes (and possibly just two, if Vanessa feels betrayed enough to vote for her over Steve). I

        t’s not just comps, you have to play a social game as well, and Steve is the weakest of the three left in that regard (I say Liz had a better social game than Vanessa). The worst outcome to me is that Steve wins HOH, cuts Vanessa, loses to Liz, but finds out the jury would have given it to him over Vanessa because they liked her less- that’ll just destroy him.

    • Derrick is one of my least favorite winners but he played one of the best games of any of them…not the best but top 3 at worst.

  7. Shaun says:

    Seeing this list makes me furious Janelle never won :s.An injustice of epic proportions.

  8. Kougie757 says:

    This list is a complete joke. Jordan in the top half when she did nothing. Hayden and Jun and Andy were much better. Rachel shouldnt be top 5 when she only won because of production rigging comps, nd Derrick is in no way better than will or dan

  9. JB Smooove says:

    whoever wrote this needs to be fired from tvline, or at least be forced to actually watch the show before writing about it. now this is their opinion, but its sh!t, and based on things they read and not a first person viewing of the series.

    • Oh, shut up, you annoying drama queen. If every writer was fired any time some whiny-ass, semi-literate reader took issue with an article, no one would bother writing articles for whiny-ass, semi-literate readers like yourself. I, personally, think that you should be banned from the internet for being such a douche but I accept the fact that I don’t have the power to see it done.

      • KitanaKat says:

        Thanks for the spit take at work, I just sprayed my entire monitor when I read your opening line. Then I made a spectacle of myself laugh choking as I read the rest. Way harsh Tai, but yet exactly what i was thinking.

      • Winter says:

        You get all the likes from me here. How dare people have a different opinion than mine?! GRRRRRR

  10. Nate says:

    Derrick @ #1? Really? Average at best! Would like to see him play against real players and not idiots!

  11. bar says:

    Whoa! Jeff and Jordan are not a cute showmance! Jeff treated her as if she was useless and was degrading. Then we pretended like the rest of the house had an obligation to protect Jordan and thus himself. I’d take Brandon and Rachel over Jeff any day. Heck, I’d take Liz and Austin over him. He was the worst and his showman sucked.

  12. Kam says:

    Andy and Jun, especially Andy need to be way higher while Jordan, Dick, and Rachel should be lower. Dick would’ve never won had it been for America’s player

    Also, Derrick shouldn’t be #1, that should be Dan and then Will


  14. Sharon says:

    Jordan rated higher than Andy and Jun? Evel Dick – the guy handed the win because Eric was handcuffed as America’s Player – rated 4th???? To quote Johnny Mack: NNNNNNO!

  15. Mike R says:

    Delete this

  16. BrittBrat says:

    Next season needs to be an all-star season. I’m kind of tired of everyone voting together and just being plain stupid. The last few season have been hard to watch because no one wants to get blood on their hands. I can also live with another showmance.

  17. Shannon says:

    The fact that Will isn’t number 1 just shows how little whoever made this list truly understands what names Big Brother what it is. (not to mention placing so much emphasis on Rachel winning comps and completely discrediting Andy even though his social game was on point). Uggh

  18. sbauer17 says:

    The fact that Will isn’t number 1 just shows how little, whoever made this list, truly understands what makes Big Brother what it is. (not to mention placing so much emphasis on Rachel winning comps and completely discrediting Andy even though his social game was on point). Uggh

  19. Char Richo says:

    You don’t have Will #1 so this list has lost all credibility.

  20. Winter says:

    I knew everyone was going to bash Derrick but I loved him. I don’t think they were all idiots I just think he was that good. He was just like a Jedi with the way he talked people into doing what he wanted. And he was never on the block. I know a lot of people found last season boring but I was fascinated by the way it played out.

    Note* this is just a personal opinion I do not need to be told I’m stupid or worse than Hitler. Thank you.

    • Audrey says:

      I agree…I thought Derrick was incredibly good at the game. I knew I was in the minority but I didn’t think last season was boring because I couldn’t wait to see what he would pull off. He manipulated everybody yet remained extremely likable. I think that’s very hard do. I was happy with him as number one but would have also been happy with Dan.

  21. Mik says:

    Decent rankings, except Derrick should be fourth (or maybe lower) behind Jun, Dan and Will, the true founders of the BB strategic game (in my mind). But yay for making an article on BB, one of my favorite reality shows! :)

  22. TeeOh says:

    Nothing gets the BB fandom riled up more than a list of winners, especially not putting Dan or Dr. Will 1 and 2. Derrick played a great game no doubt, but he was a man playing with children. You can wait to judge his true worth if he can go the distance in an All-Stars season.

  23. Scott says:

    Excellent rank, I’m interested to know where Steve ranks for you.