Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Teases Experimental Season 9 for 'Shamy'

Big Bang Theory fans hoping for a big romantic reunion between estranged lovebirds Sheldon and Amy in tonight’s Season 9 premiere (8/7c on CBS) will be sorely disappointed.

On the Emmy red carpet Sunday, Mayim Bialik told me that Shamy will remain in something of a holding pattern through much of the fall. “We definitely deal with the relationship head on for the first five episodes,” she said, noting that Sheldon and Amy are “not really sure where they are” in the wake of the latter’s season-ending vanishing act. “Jim Parsons and I are still curious where it’s going to go.

“[The writers are] really experimenting with what this is bringing up for Sheldon and what it means for him,” Bialik added, “and how far he can be pushed emotionally.”

Press PLAY above for more from Supporting Actress nominee Bialik, including new intel on Leonard and Penny’s “very different” nuptials.