Is Game of Thrones Star Sophie Turner (Jon) Snow-ing Us? Watch Video

OK, Game of Thrones fans, we’re going to need you to channel Melisandre and scrutinize this video of Sophie Turner as though it were a blaze lit by R’hllor himself.

In particular, we’d like you to focus on the part where TVLine’s Michael Ausiello — who interviewed the actress on the Emmy red carpet Sunday — mentions that Turner has shot a bunch of Sansa’s Season 6 scenes and therefore would be in a position to know whether Jon Snow is actually gone for good.

“I would know,” she replies with a playful look, and then gets into a “Hmm!”-off with TVLine’s fearless leader. What does it all mean?!

On the upside, Turner also mentions that “Everything is kind of starting to make sense now” in the HBO drama’s sixth season. So watch the video above very carefully, then send a raven leave a comment below: Is it just us, or does Turner look like she knows something she’s not telling?

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