Kim Dickens Shares Deadwood Update, Teases Fear Finale: 'You Should Worry'

If and when HBO makes a deal with Deadwood creator David Milch to revive the beloved series for a limited run, Kim Dickens will likely be the first cast member to sign on the dotted line.

“I think it’s long overdue,” the Fear The Walking Dead star told me Sunday on the Emmy red carpet. “Let’s do it. We all want to do it.”

Of course, Deadwood Returns (working title or title I just made up for the purposes of this story — you decide!) would have to work around Dickens’ schedule on Fear, which has already been renewed through a second season. The spinoff wraps its abbreviated inaugural run on Oct. 4 and, from the sounds of it, there will be (shocker!) blood.

“You should worry,” Dickens cryptically teased. “You should worry about… things.”

Watch the video above and then weigh in below about Deadwood, Fear and just the general awesomeness of Kim Dickens. 

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