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Iddo Goldberg Supergirl

Supergirl First Look: Red Tornado Poses a 'Grave' Threat to Kara

One of Kara Zor-El’s first threats has been unmasked.

CBS’ Supergirl has released the first photo of Dr. T.O. Morrow (played by Salem‘s Iddo Goldberg), better known to DC Comics fans as the creator of android Red Tornado.

Goldberg will not only portray Morrow on the freshman series, but Red Tornado, as well. According to the official character description, “Red Tornado is the most advanced android the world has ever seen.  Designed by scientist T.O. Morrow for the U.S. Army as the ultimate superweapon, he soon becomes sentient, posing a grave danger to National City — including the people Supergirl cares about most.”

Supergirl premieres on Monday, Oct. 26 at 8:30/7:30c.

Scroll down to take a look at Red Tornado, then hit the comments with your thoughts on the foe.

Supergirl Red Tornado

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  1. rinaex says:

    Are they going to add some additional CGI or something? Because otherwise….I’m not blown away, to put it mildly.

    • Dean says:

      here’s hoping he kind of looks like Vision with a dye job.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Hopefully it’s just the lighting – colorful costumes often look less flattering in direct sunlight.
      But yeah, that looks way too much like fabric and not enough like metal or something appropriately robotic.

  2. I’m rooting for the bad guy…

    • Dean says:

      always the wet blanket when it comes to this show aren’t you?

      • Imagine I’m disparaging something like Man of Steel but I actually use facts to do it, like how this is conceptually flawed and a really horrible rip off of Superman that is unable to stand on its own.

        • Wordsmith says:

          subjective judgments: at least 2

          • How so? Given that the concept of Superman calls for him to be the sole survivor of Krypton, Kara’s existence invalidates that, therefore it is conceptually flawed. Any gimmick to have more than one Kryptonian other than Kara is one more idea Jor-El failed to consider to save more people. In terms of this show, you do realize that they could have made one of the two ships just slightly larger for one of the adults to go with the children to Earth, right? They didn’t need two ships with their own engines when one larger ship with one engine to carry three people would do the same thing.

            As for it being a rip off of Superman, name just ONE character from the Supergirl comics in this show other than Kara and the Danvers. Everyone so far is from the Superman comics. And if you saw the pilot, you saw that the “twist ending” is a horrible rip off of Superman.

          • Wordsmith says:

            You’re right that the Supergirl story exists inextricably in the shadow of Superman, so in that sense, it doesn’t stand on its own. however, I’d posit that this is entirely the point, and not necessarily a bad thing. There is plenty of compelling drama in the story of one hero living in the shadow of another, struggling with living up to those impossible standards.
            Consider Watchmen, whose most sympathetic characters are mortal heroes striving to remain useful in a world where gods like Ozymandias and Dr. Manhattan walk among us. I know it’s apples and oranges with regards to Superman/Supergirl, but you get the general idea.

          • I would urge you to consider other characters that started out as spin offs of one character and yet managed to strive on their own, such as Superboy, Steel, the PAD version of Supergirl, Batgirl, Robin/Tim Drake, Nightwing, Wally West, etc, etc. This argument about how Supergirl has to rely on characters from the Superman comic because she’s a spin off of it is merely an excuse since it doesn’t apply to any other character like her that gets their own series. All those characters get their own supporting cast, their own foes to fight, etc, etc.

          • Imagine Family Matters, a spin off of Perfect Strangers, without Urkle because instead of developing new supporting characters they keep reusing the ones from the original show. That’s Supergirl.

          • Wordsmith says:

            Except that the pilot features two villains who aren’t from Superman canon, to the best of my knowledge. They’re borrowing SOME characters from Superman and creating some of their own. Unless you feel that original is bad. I’m still not clear on that point.

          • They haven’t created anything original. Point to it. The sister? That’s your barometer for their originality?

          • Wordsmith says:

            I guess they borrowed the Vartox name from Superman, but he’s essentially a completely different foe, and the unnamed Commander and General seem to be original characters.

          • She’s a feminized/gender bent Zod, man.

        • It’s like if spin offs of CSI and NCIS and Criminal Minds told the same stories as the shows they are spun out of. It’s been said that one of the major reasons why the first Criminal Minds spin off was cancelled was because it didn’t do anything original, what it did was indistinguishable from the show it was spun from. The same is true of Supergirl. Either do something with her that you can’t do with Superman, or just use Superman. This show isn’t doing anything that they can’t do with Superman or Clark Kent.

          • Wordsmith says:

            The difference is that this is a spinoff show of a show that doesn’t actually exist. They can invent their own version of the Superman story to compensate for the choices they make on the show.
            Your concern seems to be the borrowing from Superman comics, but that isn’t exactly the same thing as the TV spinoffs you reference in your argument.

          • It’s outright theft to make up for the flaws in the Supergirl concept. There are no good characters in her own comic to serve the role of supporting cast, allies, or foes, so she needs to take from Superman. If she used characters from her actual comic the show wouldn’t make it past the first episode.

          • Wordsmith says:

            So you hate the comic. It’s a piece of crap with no redeeming qualities. I don’t know enough to argue the point, so let’s assume you’re right.
            Why are you so convinced that they can’t create good new characters? On what evidence are you basing that judgment? The pilot and a few casting announcements from the early episodes? Obviously they’d announce the casting of characters that we’ve heard of, because that’s what fans will find interesting.

          • I hate the Supergirl comic. It’s derivative and undermines the core concept it’s spun from.

            This isn’t a Supergirl TV show. If it was, it would use the Supergirl comic book as its inspiration. Instead it uses the Superman comic as its model/template.

            Kara as her first name in her secret identity is not like the comic. She’s used Linda Lee, Linda Danvers, and even Linda Lang, but people excuse it.

            Kara working at a magazine is not like the comic. It’s a rip off of Clark working at a newspaper. But, again, people excuse it.

            Jimmy Olsen as a supporting character, rip off from Superman. Again, people excuse it.

            As I stated, if you can do it with Superman, then you don’t need Supergirl, and this show hasn’t done anything that couldn’t be done with Superman.

      • The source material for this is so bad, that if they actually used it we’d see episodes with Kara dating fishmen and/or crying because the other girls at the orphanage where she lives can’t fly like she does. They need to steal from the Superman comics because there’s nothing of actual worth to use in any of the Supergirl series.

        • Wordsmith says:

          some accurate facts, then a hyperbolic generalization

        • Whimsical says:

          Incorrect. PAD’s first series of stories on Supergirl would be well worth adapting. Don’t know if the network would actually air it, but that doesn’t make it any less worth adapting.

          I watched the pilot and was underwhelmed- mostly by the terrible special effects. This costume does nothing to increase my confidence level. Arrow and Flash deliver much better effects/costumes on the much smaller budget of a minor network. CBS has no excuse.

          • PAD’s is not the same as Kara. His was not a Kryptonian or related to Superman. His Supergirl was original, and yes, it would have been a much better source material for this show.

      • Like, if you were to think about it, is there any story from any of the Supergirl series published in the last 50 years you’d like to see adapted into live action? Like any memorable story like Superman’s Exile or Reign of the Supermen, or Batman’s Dark Knight Returns, etc? Be honest, the most memorable Supergirl story is when she died in Crisis.

      • Let’s be even more honest. This version of Supergirl is, frankly, not at all like any from any comic book series published before, yet people keep praising it in spite of that, while at the same time they keep disparaging Man of Steel for failing to match the comics they think i should be based on, accusing it of not being based on the source material even though it is, it just uses comics published after 1987 and before 2004. It’s hypocrisy.

        • Dean says:

          so thats a yes to being the wet blanket?

        • Wordsmith says:

          Just trying to wrap my head around your argument: Do you believe that the only worthwhile comic book adaptations are faithful representations of good books, or do you believe that it is possible to create good original material for a familiar character? You seem to be arguing it both ways, and I’m not sure which one is meant to be the “devil’s advocate”

          • There is no originality in this series. It’s all derivative of the Superman comics, with Supergirl and whatever version of the Danvers that appear here being the only ones from the actual Supergirl comic book. This is almost literally Superman in a dress. It’s his supporting cast, his foes, his allies, etc. It’s a Superman TV series without Superman.

          • Wordsmith says:

            You say that with apparent disdain, but frankly, I’d be perfectly fine if that’s what this show turns out to be. Having a series that addresses all of the epic issues and threats tackled by Superman, and then layering on top of that the unique aspects of being a young woman in that kind of position of responsibility, while still maintaining some semblance of a normal life? That sounds pretty watchable to me.

          • If making her a woman is the only appealing aspect, then just genderbend Kal-El and be done with it.

        • Drew says:

          I think the Supergirl series stands a good chance of being horrible and failing, for a lot of reasons. This is a pretty no-brain comment to make since most shows in general aren’t very good.
          That said, I will give it a shot. I had serious doubts about Man of Steel, but it turned out to be the best Superman portrayal I’ve seen on film. You never know when you’ll be surprised.
          And if it sucks, it will at least be fun to tear it apart for a while. :)

        • BBussey says:


          This is going to be a hit for CBS. As with the CW shows, there will be deviation from the comic canon. Most viewers will be objective as the series launches and not be summarily dismissive because they dislike the source material.

          The character has existed for 50+ years now. If it wasn't successful for DC, the character wouldn't maintain a prominent profile in their portfolio.

    • FLY says:

      Seriously every time there is a new story on Supergirl you are the first one in to comment or yell. Like a vulture circling for prey. Don’t you have anything better to do than complain?

  3. Drew says:

    Wow… Maybe Diggle’s costume isn’t the worst of the season after all. This looks like something from Lois & Clark.

  4. justsomeguy says:

    This costume is a disaster. Yikes.

  5. Perhaps it’s time TVline, to install a block and report feature. I get we have our own opinions, but for some people to use this forum to drop all their anger & hate is the opposite intent of what these forums are supposed to be.

    First off, I could care less about what one claims to be facts, when in the world of comic books and superheroes there are no facts. In the world of comic books, you have to suspend your beliefs & enjoy the ride, and by the way, some of us need t learn a little thing call respect & restraint, but if that’s how we’re gonna play fine, I can play too.

    Secondly, don’t go flaunting your ego and so called knowledge upon others just to prove that you’re right. You say you hate the concept, when obviously the concept does intrigue you.

    Lastly, If you don’t like the show, fine, but to start a fight over something so stupid is a reflection of who we are.

    • Drew says:

      Michael Sacal hasn’t done anything but state his opinion on the series that was discussed in this article. Then he replied to the people who replied to him. He didn’t attack anyone, he just discussed the series and the character that it is based on. He has strong feelings about it. If that offends you, I’d suggest that you avoid topics related to comic books or scifi, because this is par for the course with that material.
      If he were a troll, attacking people personally and trying to cause trouble with no real opinion or purpose, I would agree that he would be out of line, but why would you want to report someone for not sharing your opinion? That is not against any rules.
      Use the block feature that you were born with and simply don’t read Michael Sacal’s comments if they offend you. Other people seem perfectly comfortable with debating the subject with him.

  6. The Watcher says:

    The more I see about where Supergirl is heading and what they’re giving us… The more I’m glad CBS is sour on crossing her over with Arrow/Flash/Legends.

    I enjoyed the Supergirl Pilot for what it was, but I’m not sure I could ever justify the amounts of “Handwavium”, “Unobtanium”, & “Wonderflonium” required to make these Separate Network DC Universes merge and not outright collide.

    • Whimsical says:

      Could not disagree more. From what I see this show is going to need a huge influx of Flash/Arrow fans to keep it from being cancelled. I call cancellation within the first twelve episodes UNLESS CBS relents and allows crossovers. Acknowledging the shared universe is the only hope this show has to stay alive.

  7. datdudemurphy says:

    He really looks like a DBZ villain

  8. Jay says:

    Also wanna point out red tornado isn’t a villain.

  9. Kenneth says:

    Sorry guys, but this RT costume is just lame. I mean seriously, this is the best they could come up with? It’s, well…, Insulting.