Arrow Season 3 Deleted Scene: Oliver Leaves the City in [Spoiler]'s Hands

Arrow‘s Oliver Queen must return to Nanda Parbat, to save his slain sister Thea via the mystical waters of Lazarus Pit. But first, as seen in this deleted Season 3 scene, he must ensure that Starling City is in good hands, in his, Diggle and Felicity’s absence.

To whom did Oliver turn, to keep his city safe? Watch the deleted scene — one of many features on Arrow: The Complete Third Season (out Sept. 22 on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD) to see in whom he entrusted the town, as well as the words of advice he had for that person.

Arrow Season 4, meanwhile, debuts Wednesday, Oct. 7 on The CW.

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  1. AJ says:

    Really? This scene was taken out but a 5 minute long Oliver/Felicty sex scene was necessary?

    • George says:

      He is lying straight to her face, it’s best that it was left out.

      • lilyb says:

        Seriously. Even when it seems like the writers are making an effort for these two to have some kind of normal interaction, they still manage to somehow make it terrible.

      • Giada says:

        I agree. It’s becoming annoying seeing Oliver always lying to everyone, especially those close to him. And I might get it if it is in order to protect them, but here there is no reason. Later, to justify the fact that Laurel hadn’t been informed, they came up with the excuse that there was no time. If they had included this scene, there would have been no excuse whatsoever for his lie to her.

        • John NYC says:

          Yes, he’s really got a long ways to go in the flaws department, his control freak streak has been destructive for so long I’m amazed he hasn’t learned from it long before now. Hopefully that could be an outgrowth of his new relationship with Felicity.

        • alex says:

          maybe that’s why it was deleted.

      • spindae2 says:

        He couldn’t tell her the truth cause she would remind him that Thea wouldn’t want that and make his question his decision, at least from my pov.

    • Liz1 says:

      Uh, their sex scene was not 5 minutes long. There are many videos on youtube to prove it too. LOL.

    • This is also the same episode where they pimped Olicity so hard, they forgot about the sick sister, so is it any surprises it got left out. The Arrow writers & EPs seriously need to get back to reality, because we really don’t need another season 3 again.

      • Liz1 says:

        Uh. The whole episode was about going to Nanda Parbat to save Thea. How is that forgetting about Thea? LOL. Oh Apple.

      • K says:

        Thea got a fair amount of screen time that episode. She was in a coma, she revived, her revival was shown, her disorientation, her not recognizing Oliver, their goodbye was shown. She as also non-responsive for a good chunk of hte episode. How much time do you expect an action show like Arrow to spend on someone in a coma, exactly?

        • Paria says:

          An action show? I forgot it was an action show with all the olicity crap

          • K says:

            There is plenty of action in this show. Even in this episode, in fact. SOmeone with a lot more time on their hands than me actually totaled up the Oliver/Felicity scenes for Season 3 – and it wasn’t even 10% of the total. Did those scenes garner a big response, positive AND negative? YES. Because they are popular, and they are polarizing. But this idea that somehow this show isn’t still primarily a hero’s journey and an action show – or that there’s MORE romance now, when Season 1 spend an insane amount of time on the execrable Oliver/Laurel/Tommy triangle is just flat out ridiculous.

            Admit that it’s not the romance that bothers you: it’s who it’s with.

          • MyFairLady says:

            My sentiments exactly…This episode was a joke…esp the Felicity & Ras interaction…S3 should just be forgotten..Olicity ruined that season

    • Daniela says:

      You really think this scene deserved to stay? This anti-chemistry and stiffness hurts my eyes. Also.. where did you see 5 minutes long Olicity sex scene? I’d like to see it, too.. ;)

    • Striker8760 says:

      absolutely. any scene with Felicity is always 100 times better than anything with Laurel.

  2. George says:

    This scene is horrendous…I am glad it was cut.
    Can someone talk to Ms. Cassidy about the extra unnecessary breaths she takes in all her scenes. Her eyes are always looking somewhere distant as well. It’s quite distracting, if you ask me.

  3. Cin says:

    Wow the girl who plays Laurel really can’t act can she? She was supposed to show emotion and worry but her face was blank throughout. Jesus. Is this what anti-chemistry between two actors looks like? Because they were both so closed off and basically just reading lines monotonely. it was cringeworthy.

    • Donny says:

      Hardly any of the main cast on Arrow can act. Notice how the only actors who seem to carry scenes are David Ramsay, John Barrowman and Brandon Routh because they’re the only ones with experience outside CW’s subpar standards.

  4. Kate says:

    Well, it makes sense when you think of the last scene of the episode where Felicity shows up in Laurel’s office since Laurel seemed to be researching something and was curious about the plane (and knew enough to show up at Palmer Technologies in the next episode).

  5. Liz1 says:

    Wow. Oliver lies to Laurel. Again. Good thing it was cut really considering it adds nothing to the episode. Man, these two just get nothing from me on screen. Literally nothing. It’s a shame.

  6. Jessa says:

    So Laurel finds out Thea is dying and she still can’t manage to NOT have a blank facial expression? It’s interesting that most of Laurel and Oliver’s conversations are about the lies he tells her.

  7. MsMee says:

    Is this their way of distracting from Stephen’s twitter disaster? Releasing a BTS scene from S3 that no one cares about?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I’ve had this clip for weeks, so… conspiracy theory dashed :-|

    • Cin says:

      Well they release it now because he’s getting attention and they can get clips from the buzz. Though I hear he’s blocking reporters now. Aparently he doesn’t like being told or admitting he’s wrong.

      • I don’t really think he did anything that bad. He just said something at the wrong time, totally forgetting that in today’s world everyone has to be 100% perfect all the time or they’re immediately the worst person ever

        • Cin says:

          the way in which he handled himself was what was worst of all. Blocking reporters because they pointed out your white privilege? That’s bad. Mockingly Retweeting/Unretweeting people telling him to stop because he doesn’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against? That’s bad. Bringing his extended family as the representation of polite and good Texans when his father in law has made Nazi jokes on Facebook? That’s bad. He handled himself horribly and just didn’t know when to stop.

          • John NYC says:

            “his father in law”??

            Really, that level of personal animosity, to dig up stuff from his relatives, would earn a block from most people.

            And “pointing out white privilege” about someone they don’t have any personal knowledge of is just simple minded racism. His feed is his to manage.

        • MyFairLady says:

          His message was not bad but The timing of it was off…it came across as if he was first and foremost defending a state over an innocent boy.

    • Liz1 says:

      They have DVD release to promote so it makes sense they’d release a deleted scene.

  8. Cassie says:

    Oliver lies to Laurel even when there’s zero reason this relationship is one of the most toxic in CW history. Good thing it’s dead as it is.

  9. Don’t you love all the Olicity ‘fans’ coming out to trash Katie or the Oliver & Laurel relationship, it’s as transparent as glass.

    • Liz1 says:

      Transparent or just having an opinion. We could say the same thing about you going to all of the sites and trashing Olicity. Must be exhausting for you, Apple.

    • K says:

      As transparent as its supporters coming out to praise it and bitch about Oliver/Felicity, in fact. He who lives in a glass house should perhaps not cast the first stone.

    • MyFairLady says:

      I’m no Olicity fan at all…but I have to say Ms Cassidy is a terrible actress, even worse than the guy who played Roy

  10. George says:

    Wow, I totally see why that scene was cut. Not a fan of Katie Cassidy’s acting in this scene. She’s done much better work in SPN. Can’t blame the writing here either, as the scene content was intended to be a powerful moment. She just lacks emotive skills. Her scene where she comforted Felicity at the end of the episode was very similar. Hope to see better from her in season 4.

  11. Paria says:

    I have a feeling like majority of the scenes deleted will feature laurel. I’m sick of marcs treatment of the character.

    Justice for laurel!!!

    • George says:

      Scenes are cut for lots of reasons, usually for time to trim the episode to the limited minutes. They have to look at and consider the scenes that are least relevant to getting story points across. In this instance, taking time to tell Laurel goodbye wasn’t a critical scene, as in the rest of the story couldn’t have progressed without it. It’s telling on how “valuable” the character is when there is a high frequency of deleted scenes with her in them. It can be read as they tried to find a way to include her in story but there wasn’t time, the quality of the scene was determined to be subpar, or even a change in script during shooting redirected something else more important. There are a lot of reasons it happens. It’s not a matter of justice for Laurel. It’s that Laurel wasn’t a critical player in this particular storyline.

      • Paria says:

        Bye now with that crap. They have scenes of extra long sex scenes. Random felicity scenes or scenes just to pimp the romance. But a scene that explains why Laurel isn’t with Thea who she grew up with and looked at as a sister isn’t important…..yeah ok

        • K says:

          Laurel didn’t ‘grow up with’ Thea. That’s Laurel fans’ head canon, not what we saw. And the show isn’t about Laurel or Thea – it’s about Oliver. The show is called “Arrow”, not “Arrow and Black Canary”, no matter how many times Laurel fans try to make it that.

          • Theresa says:

            DITTO!!! I love this Laurel and Thea are practically sisters argument. I mean, where?

          • You are forgetting how Moira stated that Laurel spent most of her time at the Queen mansion, how does that equate to growing up with her. In the show it’s been mentioned by Oliver himself they are like sisters. I swear people don’t watch the same show, particularly Olicity fans who like to try and minimise Laurel’s connection to the Queen’s. Nice try, but no you’ve failed.

          • Sommz says:

            My point exactly ! Thanks for making it clear , K !

    • Nelle says:

      Unfortunately, such is the case with Laurel’s character lately. She has been so far removed from Oliver’s story that she has become unnecessary in the narrative. If they’d kept focus on her as a lawyer instead of shoehorning her into a costume, she might have stayed more relevant. (I’m not a comic book fan so I have no investment in comic destinies; I focus on what Arrow shows me on-screen).

  12. Paria says:

    Stephen has 0 facial expressions lol

    • Theresa says:

      compare that with the next scene on the plane with Felicity. Clearly we can see why this scene was cut. Katie and Stephen just don’t have chemistry at all. He performs well around the rest of the cast.

  13. K says:

    Another scene of Oliver lying to Laurel. No wonder they cut it. Even when they TRY it’s a crappy relationship.

  14. Jess says:

    This scene was small but so important.. It shouldn’t been deleted! Ugh, i hate that they cut this scene to prop more olicity scenes.

    • Juliana says:

      Wow I totally missed the part where it says the scene was cut to prop more Olicity scenes. Can you point it where in the article was that? Or your source?
      Thank you.

  15. Davis says:

    This scene shouldn’t have been deleted. It actually showed some character development for Oliver. The man, who’s been nothing but harsh and awful to Laurel since the beginning of the season, finally accepts her as the hero she is.

    I am so tired of some people’s stupidity… ‘She doesn’t even look that worried” Why would she? She doesn’t know what’s going on.
    ”She sounds breathless ” She rushed at the airport after she received a message from Oliver, she’s supposed to sound breathless.
    ”She looks at the distance” She’s watching Malcolm and is surprised because, once again, she doesn’t Know what’s going on !
    But I agree that the writing of that scene sucked. Even the greater actor of the world couldn’t have said those lines and make it seem natural. ”Omg I’m so sorry” seriously? She’s known Thea all her life, loves her like a Sister and THIS is how she reacts? The writers really did everything they could to erase Laurel’s relationships with the other characters.
    Katie Cassidy is a good actress, I think she proved that enough by now. So if your only reason for coming here is to insult and bash on her…. then you need a life.

    • K says:

      Showed character development for Oliver how? By showing him lying to Laurel, AGAIN? And if you’re going to say it was because he ‘relied on someone else’, well – they showed that development elsewhere in the episode, through his reliance on and honestly with Felicity.

      • Davis says:

        Omg you guys always have to make everything about Olicity, don’t you? Idc if Felicity is Oliver’s True looooveee and the only person he can be Honestly with blah blah blah. .. That kind of behavior is exactly what made me leave the fandom in the first place. You guys managed to make me hate à pairing I previously loved. So yeah, congratulations.

        Back to the character development thing… think about the condescending (and quite insulting ) way Oliver has treated Laurel all season. Now, I am not hating on Oliver. Those are simple facts. He did it because he didn’t want a dangerous vigilante life for Laurel and thz fact that she wouldn’t listen to him only made him more worried and angry.
        Remember all those little compliments he used to give her ”You’re an addict” ”you still need training””you’ré not a hero”….. If you think that’s some kind of normal behavior to have towards someone you care about then. … Honestly I don’t know what to tell you. No wait I do. You need help.
        That’s the kind of situation that needs to be resolved. In that one little scene, Oliver Finally accepted Laurel as a vigilante, as a protector of StarlING City. My original poste was about Oliver accepting Laurel. But you’re right, this also shows how he relies on her. Because he does in a way. He trusts her to protect the city while he’s away.

        • K says:

          1. Way to undercut a decent point with an unnecessary diatribe abound fandom, there. Well played.
          2. To that point – they did this BETTER in the last episode of the season, when Oliver left the city in Laurel’s hands, as well as Thea’s and Digg’s. At a point when it resonated even more. So they DID get in the character development you claim you wanted, more effectively and as the arc’s conclusion – when it made a hell of a lot more sense. Which now that I think of it, is probably even a better reason to cut the scene.

    • Great comment Davis! I totally agree and support your comments.

  16. azam noorazah says:

    i don’t think oliver is lying, though..
    he said thea is sick and doesn’t have a lot of time, we’re taking her to a specialist.
    well, thea IS sick, and i think we could Lazarus Pit as a specialist.. LoL..
    and for katie, i like her better is SPN..!

  17. Nice to see that this scene was released, I was curious about it ever since I heard it was deleted. I miss seeing Laurel Lance on my television screen, and I can’t wait for season four.

  18. Marta says:

    ….well, wow. Glad they chose Olicity. This is like the death of tv chemistry. Just…wow.

  19. luca cavallaro says:

    sorry but 0 chemistry, glad they choose olicity

  20. John NYC says:

    Looking forward to it’s return. Thanks for the update.

  21. Robyn says:

    Wish this scene wasn’t cut! Katie is the Only reason I continue watching this lackluster show! She is amazing in this scene!!

  22. Carla Krae says:

    Always wondered what that scene was. There were promo images for this ep with Laurel here but the scene didn’t air.

  23. Evan says:

    Why are they so bad on screen together? Amell with others = Awesome. Katie with others = Great. Together it’s like all chemistry and energy gets sucked out of the scene. It’s baffling.

    • Maya says:

      Anti-Chemistry does happen on occasion, and they have it. the thing is.. sometimes, when the actors are good enough to can actually sort of fake it.. sadly for Arrow Katie Cassidy is a terrible actress who is incapable of showing emotions on her face ie “blank stare” she is infamous for among most fans of the show.

      Maybe this little fact will make it less baffling: most TV shows will shot a screen test with the potential actors for big parts (like how EBR did a screen test with GG and BR) to see who has the most chemistry with each actor.. Now here is the frustrating part about Arrow: Stephen never did a screen test with Katie before she was cast, so their on screen compatibility was never tested.. the super baffling thing is: why, after the pilot was shot and it was obvious that these two have anti- chemistry, was Laurel not recast with a different actress?- a thing that is not unheard of, “Charmed” recast the Phoebe character after they shot the pilot.
      This is a question which remains unanswered, and frustrates the hell out of many Arrow fans and Black Canary fans.

      • Davis says:

        Chemistry is a very funny thing. It’s totally subjective to the viewer preferences. Two years ago, I didn’t find any chemistry between the two leads. They bored me. I liked Merlance, I loved Olicity and I couldn’t care less about Lauriver.
        Here I am, two years later. The complete mess that was Olicity and S3 made me want to rewatch the first two seasons. If only so I could appreciate the quality of the show back then. And then…. surprise. I enjoyed the angst and the tension between those two characters. It wasn’t an usual love story that’s for sure. But not every love story is meant to be fluffy and cute. Some of them are tragic and impossible and full of pain and anger. That’s what Lauriver became to me. A pairing that had absolutely no chemistry in my eyes became one of my favorite aspect of the show. The last kiss they shared ? Chemistry. Oliver telling Laurel that he didn’t want to be on an island anymore? Chemistry. Laurel consoling Oliver? Chemistry. Laurel pushing Oliver to fight back? Chemistry.

        • Jess says:


          Stephen and Katie don’t have any chemistry. This scene is the perfect example. If there was such a thing as negative chemistry, they have it. And honestly he boned her sister multiple times, not to mention other stuff. She deserves better.

        • K says:

          I’ve never enjoyed an SA/KC scene. The two of them bore me or actively annoy me when they’re onscreen together. Even when I attempt to rewatch season 1, find myself attempting to sit through their scenes and I automatically hit the ff button. The actors don’t spark, and the characters consistently bring out the worst in each other. Laurel becomes a harridan, and Oliver turns into a sullen jerk.
          To root for characters, I need them to make each other better: to fill something the other lacks in a positive and not negative way. I’ve never seen that with this version of Oliver Queen and Laurel Lance – and at this point, I don’t think I ever will.

  24. Sophie says:

    Someone mentioned Laurel’s heavy breathing and now that’s all I can hear. Oops.

    I’m kind of glad they left this out. Oliver was leaving (forever, in his mind) and he still lied to her and then didn’t even give her a proper goodbye? It sounded so impersonal and wrong. I understand -!: am happy it isn’t canon.

    I’m glad canon is that everything just went so fast that he was so caught up and just forgot to say goodbye. That sounds better than just not giving one at all after all they’ve been through and lying.

  25. Tinao says:

    I hate this scene. There was no need for the lying. He didn’t even say goodbye in any shape or form. He just left the city in her hands which makes no sense because she was completely alone. What chould she really do anyway and then practically order to fix this with her dad. What was the point of this scene anyway. It need to be cut.

  26. Yeah, we really didn’t need to see Oliver lie to Laurel one more time. It’s one of the reasons I shipped Laurel/Tommy in Season One: He was obviously the better man at that point.
    Yes, I’m still bitter they killed him.
    No, I may never ‘get over it’.

  27. Betty says:

    It’s been a few month since we saw new scenes, and that just served as a painful reminder how awful these two can be opposite each other.

    It’s amazing, they can both be so moving and effective with other scene partners, but with each other, it’s like someone has just thrown a bucket of ice water over them – they’re frozen solid, and you could easily chip lumps off them they’re so cold and flinty.

    • Davis says:

      I agree that this scene, while important, was badly written. Which makes it really hard to enjoy it.
      But some of their moments are the complete opposite. They’re quite amazing imo (weither you look at them as romantic moments or simply friendship)
      When laurel hugs him after she finds out he’s the arrow, where Oliver tells her he doesn’t want to be on an island anymore, when Oliver finds out that Laurel knows he’s the Arrow …
      But I guess it’s a matter of opinion.

      • Crest says:

        The scene is badly written like most Oliver/Laurel scenes. The writers really dont care about Laurel/Lauriver anymore and sabotaged them for Olicity.

        Olicity fans are always quick to slam Laurel/Oliver but let the writers slide completely. Chemistry has a lot to do with writing, you know, the writers deliberately write badly for Laurel/Oliver, where do you want the freaking chemistry to come from??. In any case I know that those two are done, the writers made sure of that. They dont even try to do a good platonic relationship. Yes there is chemistry that comes from acting too but the actors are not given anything to work with. WHEN they are give good material, then you are free to say they have no chemistry. Sounds fair?

        I personally think Felicity has way better chemistry with Ray but I can see why people are so enamored with Olicity “chemistry”. Olicity is given decent writing material, well most of the time and Emily/Felicity is the breakout star of the show. She makes Oliver/stephen looks so good being the bright spark she is, people start to love him a lot and thats good for the show.

  28. Lena says:

    To be honest, I’m glad they cut the scene, not because I have an issue with Katie’s acting; I find it on point, considering Laurel’s relationship with Oliver at this point (he’s spent months down talking to her and she’s constantly tried to prove herself and had him shoot her down, I’m glad she stopped giving a damn) but because it makes Oliver seem even more condescending than usual, and a hypocrite. He’s heavily implied, previously, that she’s not a hero, not ready to look out for the city or even herself, and made snide remarks about her alcoholism, her fighting skills and yet, here he is saying “watch over the city [as I’ve now deemed the situation desperate enough to allow you to] and make amends with your father [because what happens between you and Lance is my business].” It just makes Oliver seem like he truly believes he has final say over both the city and Laurel, and it’s grim to watch.

    Also, I find Stephen’s acting much, much worse with Katie than with Emily, and much, much worse from the end of season one onwards, specifically. It’s as if he stopped trying with her, and put everything into working with Emily. It’s really noticeable, especially in this scene, where he may as well have phoned in the lines for scenes with her. If Katie’s going to be accused of wooden acting here, I would argue she’s probably stopped giving a damn, too. She works really well with Paul B, and her scenes with Emily are always great. I’d actually love a stronger Laurel/Felicity friendship this season, paralleling the one EBR and Katie have, and the few Laurel/Felicity scenes that they’ve had, showing support and compassion to one another, instead of having them “hate each other” over Oliver, is one of the things I appreciate the show for putting an effort into.

  29. Brooke says:

    I hate how they have made Laurel so unimportant to Oliver; and not only that but it’s like they’re trying to cut him out of her past. It’s ridiculous. I hope season 4 is half as better as season 3 but if they are going to continue with the Olicity fluff and pandering to the whiny shippers who are never happy or grateful that a decent show was ruined for them, I’m going to have to stop watching.