The Walking Dead Season 6

Walking Dead Season 6 Portrait Casts Carol as One Tough Cookie

Be smarter than an Alexandrian — don’t be fooled by Carol’s happy homemaker sweater.

Instead, look closer at Melissa McBride’s official portrait for Season 6 of The Walking Dead and note her steely “Yeah, I mean business” gaze — and the lethal weapon that asks, “Now do ya believe me?”

Clearly, the character’s transformation into a total badass is complete. But where does she go from here?

Hit the comments with your hopes — and fears — for Carol when the AMC series returns on Oct. 11 (at 9/8c).

The Walking Dead Carol

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  1. Matt says:

    Carol’s character development over the last 5 seasons has been my favorite thing about the show. They better not kill her off!

    • jake86 says:

      If they insist on keeping Daryl around, who’s development stopped after Season 3, there’s no logical reason for why they shouldn’t keep a much more genuinely complex/interesting character like Carol around. Fair is fair, right?

      • Vancouver says:

        Couldn’t have said it better, Jake. Carol has become an incredibly compelling, unique character with a ton of story to offer. She’s definitely worthy of being kept around for a long, long time!

      • Mikey says:

        Daryl doesn’t need any more developing. He’s already perfectly adapted to the “new normal” of the TWD world. The character isn’t just a delight to watch and root for– he’s also a dependable yardstick by which the other characters’ adaptations to the reality of their world can be measured. I think he’s an essential part of the cast at this point and I wouldn’t enjoy the show nearly as much without him.

      • Lucifer says:

        You must have either stopped watching or don’t pay attention because they give plenty of development to Daryl. It’s just not in-your-face or drastic like Carol’s development has been.

  2. Win says:

    Nice! And I just started rewatching The Walking Dead with a friend who hasn’t seen it, but it’s hard not to spoil how badass Carol gets/we see her character grow.

    • Joe says:

      Same here, I had to bite my tounge every time she was on screen during seasons 1 and 2 when I watched the show with a friend who had never seen it. I wanted to fist pump every time she appeared which would have given away that she becomes a badass.
      She’s easily,the best written character on the show and Melissa McBride one of the strongest actors.

    • Spence says:

      Same here!! My friend just started watching, and she barely knows who Carol is as of now. It’s so funny to know that in a few seasons she quickly becomes on par with Rick and Daryl in terms of importance.

      • Homesick says:

        And to think Carol started out as the woman that washed Rick’s clothes on Shane’s camp. Little did they know back then. I can’t wait to see where she goes from here.

  3. alistaircrane says:

    Carol’s my favourite character! If she dies, I’m done!

  4. dancmh says:

    I don’t know where Carol goes from here but Melissa McBride should be woo’ed to play Joan McClaine in a remake of DieHard.

  5. Geo says:

    Carol is a remarkable character, since she went from an often badly written and frequently tedious part of the show in the beginning to maybe the best character– with the best-written and most interesting scenes– on the show. That doesn’t tend to happen a lot on tv.

  6. Joey Padron says:

    Great photo of Carol. Excited to watch new season next month!

  7. Carol is absolutely the most compelling character on television ever.

  8. JJ says:

    Melissa McBride is co-starring in the upcoming movie The Happys! Can’t wait to see her in a different role!!

  9. Mare says:

    LOVE Carol! Easily my favorite character. Amazing to see her transformation from a mousy, abused housewife, to a complete badazz!!!

  10. slm says:

    Carol is a favorite of mine, love McBride’s portrayal, don’t kill her off ever!

    • suziebean says:

      Carol Peletier better not get killed off by Negan. The Walking Dead. She has to stay human until season 12. Would like her to fight against The Saviours- All Out War episode.