Zoo Finale Sneak Peek: It's Raining (Evil) Cats and Dogs... and Baboons!

Jackson Oz will be wishing he could click his heels three times and get back home, as seen in this sneak peek from the season finale of CBS’ Zoo.

In Tuesday’s episode, “That Great Bill Hill of Hope” (airing at 9/8c), Jackson (played by James Wolk) and the team — who last were seen on an “escape” plane that got detoured by (hmm) “irregular migration patterns” — make one final attempt to disseminate a cure to the worldwide wild animal pandemic, but hit an obstacle that may be impenetrable.

In the clip above, Jackson is apparently out on his own, late at night, when he crosses paths with not one or two but three different sorts of “defiant pupiled” critters. Maybe he’s just having a very bad dream…? (And when I say “bad” I mean “on par with what his real life has been for the previous 12 episodes.”)

How have you been enjoying CBS’ summertime trip to the Zoo

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