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Sharon Osbourne 'Not Ready' to Explain Recent Hiatus From The Talk

Sharon Osbourne was present for The Talk‘s season premiere on Monday, but the co-host has decided she’s “not ready” to discuss her recent hiatus from the CBS talk show.

A few hours before The Talk‘s east coast premiere, Osbourne posted the following message on her Facebook page:

I thought I was ready to discuss with the world why I took a leave of abscence from The Talk, but on reflection, I feel that I’m not ready or strong enough right now. I will at some point, because I feel there are thousands of people out there who are going through the same thing. I want them to know they’re not on their own. We all struggle in life, no matter what our circumstance.

With Love,
Mrs O

When news of Osbourne’s monthlong hiatus was first reported in May, her rep attributed the decision to “extreme exhaustion.”

Are you glad to see Osbourne back on the show? Drop a comment with your thoughts on The Talk below.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Yes!!! Love Sharon, glad she is back! And if she needs more time to express to everyone what happened, then let her have all the time in the world. …

  2. Hannah O says:

    I LOVE Mrs. O! I’m sure she hears that a lot, but (like most people), can never feel/hear/embrace it quite enough! She makes me smile everyday and I’m here hoping that the incredible beauty she shares with the world is a reflection of the beauty she feels on the inside!
    Stay strong and wonderful sweet lady!

  3. Debra K Wallace says:

    Love her and her honesty!

  4. Margot Guinan says:

    Sharon Osborne tells it like it is-no filter. She been around the block & has dealt truthfully with whatever life sends her so listen up to her. She loves her family & is daily dealing with her Son’s illness & that’s enough to shake ur foundation. She needs time to build up her reserves. When she’s ready or not, Mrs. O, take care of urself. Ur a special lady!!!

  5. keith says:

    I couple days before she left she seemed drunk on the air. You could tell the other host knew something was wrong.



  7. connie penna says:

    I glad the ladies are back.. Stronger than ever
    . We dont need to know everything in your life Mrs 0. Take care we love you..

  8. Terrie Boucher says:

    My sincere thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. O. Whatever you are going through, know that you are not alone. You have been a bright spot in ‘this average girl’s/woman’s’ life and I thank you for that. No matter what the personal truth is that you are having a hard time sharing, there are kind, caring, regular people out here that have your back Sharon. You shine bright and I’ve missed your ‘light’ that you carry with you onto The Talk.

  9. Pamela DeCarlo says:

    All I know is that I am going to love Mrs O even more when she is ready to share what ever she plans to share! No worries Sweetie! Hugs, Prayers and Lots of Love!!!!

  10. Lucifer says:

    I have no sympathy for her, especially since she described a man who was drugged and castrated by his ex wife as “simply fabulous.”

  11. missyrocks5 says:

    I really like her. I can’t imagine what is so awful that she can’t discuss it after talking cancer, plastic surgery, drug addictions of kids, illness of son, husband’s addictions. She was so emotional I think it has to be one of her kid’s something bad or maybe she tried to commit suicide.

  12. Gail Hedlund says:

    I love “The Talk”!! I find those women amazing. There are some shows that don’t seem to lift up their fellow co-hosts or other women…”The Talk” is not that show!!
    Mrs. O, your time off is your business. I’m just thankful that you are back. All that matters is that you & yours a happy, healthy & doing well.
    Thank you for being you! Keep rockin’ “The Talk” each morning!!

  13. Kati Petrovic says:

    Although curious as are many, I’d encourage folks to recall their state of mind when they have/or are struggling with whatever personal issues. The strength it takes to just get up and moving and return to work can be overwhelming. To do so in such a public forum, even more so. Wishing her well and thinking we may see a bit of a ‘gentler’ Mrs.O in the future…… we tend to change for the better when we come out on the other side of life’s challenges.

  14. Bobby says:

    I never watched an episode of THE OSBOURNES and didn’t have a high opinion of any of them. Since those days I’ve watched Sharon and her kids and little bits of Ozzy and have figured out they are probably some of the best people around, especially Sharon. She is just so much fun and honest and sincere. I hope everything is alright with her and that she graces us with her presence for years to come.

  15. Diane reeves says:

    Love mrs.O an love the show glad she’s back whatever it is I support her !

  16. You know I don’t have to know personal things about Sharon or the other talk show hosts. In fact it seems intrusive to me. I love the show and the hosts and that is all I need. Cheryl

  17. Leatha Boenisch says:

    Glad to see Mrs. O is back. It’s no ones business why she took a leave of absence. When and if Mrs.O is ready to talk about her absence , she will let her fans know.

  18. Lee Smith says:

    Love Sharon-missed Sharon. Will be listening when she is ready to TALK.

  19. zachcon says:

    Yes, but Anyone is better than Kelly Osborne!

  20. Marilyn Meadows says:

    I watch the talk just to see and hear Sharon’s comments. She is a beautiful lady both in looks and how she presents herself. I also love when her daughter is on with her and how they share their love between each other with us. I will continue watching the show as long as she is there. When Sharon is ready to share I will be there to support her in thought and prayers.

  21. Rene says:

    Glad she is back. Did she go to rehab or is she now transgender?

  22. Kathy Whittaker says:

    Mrs O is such a phenomenal woman that if she never tells why it’d be ok. If she ever left The Talk I can’t imagine anyone that could replace her ~ not even her beloved Kelly. You’re in my thoughts and prayers Mrs.

  23. Kake says:

    Now she is off the week of Sept 28th & again no mention of her absence much less why she was off in the spring???

  24. anne beneteau says:

    I Love Sharon ,, that is why I watch the show she is so REAL

  25. Mom says:

    I dislike Sharon, she is always the very first to open her mouth about any subject. Down any other clothes ? ALL I ever see her in is black!! I think everyone on the program needs to dress
    somewhat alike, such as all in long sleeves or all in sleeveless. It seems stupid to see some in sleeve less & the rest in long sleeves.

  26. Yes extremely missed her while she was off show. But respect her immensely and understand without even knowing why she was taking break from showooo

  27. Gayle says:

    I personally watch & listen to The Talk to see Sharon Osborne first of any if the hosts.
    Whatever it is or was that caused her to take a break, hope she’s feeling better & knows she was Vern much missed.

  28. Linda Douglas says:

    I love Sharon Osbourne. The Talk is the best daytime talk show on the air. Julie Chen is a wonderful host. She appears very real & not pretentious. I think it takes all of the ladies to make the show so great. Don’t want to see any replaced.