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Vampire Diaries Season 7 Trailer: Steroline Gets Steamy as 'Supernatural Terrorists' Invade Mystic Falls

“About how long do we have before this evil engulfs the world?” Damon asks in the first official trailer for The Vampire Diaries‘ upcoming seventh season. “Just trying to plan my week.”

Enjoyable though it may be, Damon’s snark is pretty much the only familiar thing to be found in the trailer, which offers our first glimpse at a hellish, Heretic-run Mystic Falls. In fact, I think Caroline referring to Lily’s crew as “supernatural terrorists” pretty much says it all.

But this is The Vampire Diaries we’re talking about, so even as their city crumbles around them, our favorites will still find time for romance. (Don’t even pretend like the sight of Stefan and Caroline at 0:37 doesn’t fill you with glee.)

For fans worried that a post-Elena TVD might not live up to the standards set by the past six seasons, this trailer should provide plenty of hope: Even in its ripe old age, this show is as badass as it’s ever been.

Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment below: What are you most excited to see in Season 7?