Bones Season 11

Bones First Look: Booth and Brennan Get Animated in Season 11 Poster

Booth may be AWOL in Bones‘ Oct. 1 premiere, but David Boreanaz is very much front and (left of) center in the show’s Season 11 key art.

The throwback-y poster below casts Boreanaz and leading lady Emily Deschanel as avatar versions of Booth and Brennan, alongside the tagline, “Murder Draws Them Together.”

The cheeky, lighthearted artwork stands in stark contrast to the drama that will unfold at the start of Season 11 when Booth suddenly goes missing (a storyline triggered by Boreanaz’ real-life health crisis). And although the matter will be resolved by the end of Episode 2, the “impact of what happens will carry us through” the season, showrunner Michael Peterson recently told TVLine.

Take a gander at the poster — click on it to view the XL version! — then, you know, say some stuff in the comments. 

Bones Season 11 Poster

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  1. lily says:

    I wish we could actually get something new, we keep getting recycled posters etc. Fox must have so many pics we haven’t seen yet, but they never give us those.

    • kmw says:

      There are other reasons for recycled posters. Emily Deschanel has a new baby and David Boreanaz was ill for most of the summer so that has as much to do with nothing new on that front. From that point of view I understand why there is nothing new, that being said, however FOX has bigger shows( ahem Empire) to spend their money on than an 11 year old show. That picture of Booth and Brennan with their kids is great, the cartoon not so much

      • lily says:

        I know that. I’m not asking for them to take a new picture, but we’ve seen this particular one years ago. They must have tons of pictures from previous years, ones we haven’t seen yet. Those I want them to release/use to promote the show.

        • kmw says:

          Point taken but that leads back to FOX being lazy and not caring about the show anymore. FOX stopped advertising for Bones about three years ago and the only time the promote it where I am at is during their FOX stations low rated news program. They clearly only care about revenue stream Bones brings in from syndication and nothing else. Of course Sleepy Hollow doesn’t get any advertising either. Bones just isn’t that important to them anymore except for syndication, sad but true.

  2. Luis says:

    Why do I get the feeling we’re never seeing Booth’s brother again?

  3. Bored says:

    I like the poster ok, although now, 11 years later, it’s more than murder that draws them together! Those cute kids are a draw as well. The new little guy is a cutie!

  4. Kristina says:

    Except Booth is on the right, not the left. (Unless you mean HIS left?)

  5. Ruth Ann Walker says:

    Ok, I ready for Season 11 to start……The picture of Brennan, Booth, Christine & Tiger is adorable. The animated poster is good, I’m ready for some action…….Like others give us some pictures of Cast on set, anything is better than nothing. I know they are all quite busy, but some cell phone shots, them laughing, goofing off, etc. Love Bones

  6. Emily looks a lot like Zooey in the drawing.

  7. Marge says:

    I am really disappointed in this “poster”! It seems like FOX doesn’t care much for BONES anymore even if they are beginning their ELEVENTH SEASON!! Wake up FOX and show BONES & Bones Fans some respect & love!!

    • kmw says:

      Yes I would like it if FOX showed more love but its not going to happen. FOX only gives its love to their shows that are big( like I said Empire but you can include Gotham in this as well for promotion purposes) They will probably not give it much attention either when it ends. The only promotion Bones gets this year will be their crossover with Sleepy Hollow and Betty White’s guest stint. I do not like poster either but in reality this year they had no choice. Boreanaz being sick most of the summer and Emily having a newborn played into this as well. We are lucky to get David Boreanaz in first episode at all. Actually we are lucky Bones is getting another season as well. FOX is never going to promote it again the way some of us want them to

  8. patricia says:

    Hi. Sharon. Great to see Bones is now not far of coming back. they not replacing Bones And Booth, they can’t do that as Bones is Emily and David. if they were not coming back then Bones is no need to do season 11. The team on Bones are great they all have a place in they show, let’s just hope they don’t change that, it would se sad if they did. Welcome back to all on Bones.

  9. lucy says:

    Bones is over…..lets let the show go out with some dignity. You have a guy who’s approaching 50, and face it, he’s had a great ride on TV but time to retire and move on. So many other great shows, and actors.

    • heather says:

      Oh for goodness sake, grow up, go and watch your other shows then and your tween actors and stop raining all other peoples enjoyment of Bones

      FYI, actors never have to retire because last time I looked people didnt

    • heather says:

      Oh for goodness sake, grow up, go and watch your other shows then and your tween actors and stop raining all other peoples enjoyment of Bones

      FYI, actors never have to retire because last time I looked the world is full of people of varying age, whom said actors can portray, unless you think 20yrs can play people in their 40, 50, 60, 70’s etc…

  10. The whole show could go AWOL . Can’;t stand her voice.

  11. whole show could go AWOL for good! Can’t stand her voice!

    • kmw says:

      Then don’t watch . Like someone else said here there is plenty of good television on the air. I cannot wait to see how Bones starts this season, old poster or not

  12. Rita Sioros says:

    Will Fox offer new Posters for Bones! I have not seen any for David &Emily at the Pool Table!