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Under the Dome Finale

Under the Dome EP Talks 'Satisfying' End, Hypothetical Season 4 Plan

There seems to be an unspoken rule in the TV industry these days: A show isn’t truly cancelled until another network or streaming service fails to resurrect it.

But upon hearing that Under the Dome would not be returning for Season 4, executive producer Neal Baer had no desire to shop the CBS series to another platform.

“I’m very happy with this ending. I feel very satisfied,” Baer tells TVLine. “We made it so there could be another [season]… but it wasn’t necessary.”

Thursday’s series finale found the dome around Chester’s Mill finally coming down, though it wasn’t exactly a celebratory time for the residents. Sam and Junior — who were both brainwashed beyond repair — were killed before the hour was through (the latter at the hands of his own father). Kinship leader Dawn, who was initially presumed dead, resurfaced one year after the dome’s disappearance to get her hands on a new and dangerous egg. But if you’re a Barbie/Julia fan, there’s no need to worry: They’re engaged!

TVLine spoke with Baer to discuss Dome‘s final hour, Stephen King’s involvement with the series and the only possible storyline that a fourth season would bring.

TVLINE | You said before Season 3 started that all of our questions about the dome would be answered. Were you approaching this finale as though it would be your last episode?
Yes and no, in the sense that we didn’t know if there would be a fourth season. We wanted to have a satisfying conclusion that made the audience feel like they had been on this journey and there was an end to it. In a way, we gave ourselves an ending that really ended the show. We put Barbie and Julia together, they’re going to get married. Big Jim’s a congressman. Junior — who was so disturbed by the end — is gone. Sam, who was so filled with guilt, is gone. There’s hope for Joe, because we know that Norrie is indefatigable and will save him. Yes, there’s an egg that remains that Dawn has seen, but we can feel confident that our team of Barbie, Julia and Big Jim, along with Norrie, will come to the rescue yet again. We have this very satisfying ending with all of our characters.

Under the Dome FinaleTVLINE | Were there any other ideas in the writers’ room that involved bigger cliffhangers, or different scenarios in which, say, Junior didn’t die?
We didn’t really [come up with any]. When we talked to the network about it, we wanted it to be fulfilling, and these were the ideas that we pitched to the network that they really liked. We really played out the dome, you know? Every kind of terrible environmental problem or catastrophe affected them. What more was there to do? We had to give answers this year. We played the first year as, “How can we deal with this? How are we going to get along as people?” The second year we played, “Is the dome good or bad?” and faith versus science. And this last year, we played the individual versus the group and the evil within. Is there hope of getting out, and how are we going to do it? And we gave viewers the clues at the very beginning of this season as to how they were going to get out — the eight notes. We started whistling those notes early on in the season, and that was the key to answering how the dome would come down. We did an incredible amount of planning, if you look over the whole season and see how it all comes together.

TVLINE | Given the cliffhanger in Thursday’s finale, what would a possible Season 4 have looked like?
They would have gone someplace else, and the dome would come down over another place. [Laughs] But then it would be like, “Then what?” Would we do the same thing again? It would have been a real challenge. I went on this incredibly interesting adventure that was a parable for sustainability in our world, and now, it’s up to us to live the real life and do something about it.

TVLINE | The show was initially adapted from Stephen King’s novel, and he wrote the Season 2 premiere last year. How much involvement has he had in this final season?
He’s always been a wonderful voice of reflection, talking to us whenever we have questions. He’s always been supportive with the fans in saying, “It’s not a rendition of the book, it’s its own thing, but it has a lot of elements from the book.” He’s always just been a real supportive force.

TVLINE | With three seasons under your belt, were there any storylines you didn’t have time to explore that you wish you’d had time for?
The only thing I wish we could have done is bring back everybody in avatar form — Angie, Linda, Dodee, Reverend Coggins. My other desire — but it’s so difficult to do in TV, because there’s so many different characters — was to bring back [Norrie’s mom] Alice, like we did in Season 2, where we brought Dodee or Angie back. I would have loved to have a whole avatar scene where they’re all just haunting Big Jim. [Laughs] That would have been my dream.

Under the Dome fans, what did you think of Thursday’s series finale? Grade the episode via our poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Allen says:

    How can anyone watch this and say it gave closure? you can tell it was meant as a season finale and not a series. it didn’t answer much.

  2. ClearlyDemented says:

    After season one, which was supposedly a mini-series, didn’t answer any questions, I stopped watching. Doesn’t seem I missed out on much.

  3. Was this closure? This was a big game of CHICKEN that the people who make UNDER THE DOME are playing with CBS. This is what they’re saying: “When SCORPION, MADAM SECRETARY or CSI:CYBER goes BUST next season(probably CYBER) or too many new shows go BUST this winter, We have UNDER THE DOME; WAR(or Season Four) all laid out and ready to go. How stupid can you be not to jump on it?” OR, they are saying to another Network “We have the idea for a Fourth season of UNDER THE DOME all set up. Call us ASAP to discuss.” I have one question? How the hell can Junior still be alive? He was stabbed twice.

    • Dean says:

      they cast Marg Helgenberger the show was bound to be canned.

    • jennifer blake says:

      I want more under the dome how can that be the series ending? To me was a perfect season finalie

    • dan says:

      Junior is dead. At the end when Norrie was in the morgue, there was a card that identified Junior’s remains. I don’t think he survived the stabbing, but they were keeping all members of the kinship in one area (dead or alive as evidenced by Norrie finding Joe). At least that is how I understood the ending.

      • brigitte says:

        But why would Junior still be in the morgue a whole year later? That’s just silly!

        • Alicia says:

          To study his formation into the kinship and use its finding to create a cure. Remember he was injected with the original cure, and it made him stronger. They can do study to find out why it didn’t work.

      • Maybe they should ship Junior off to THE WALKING DEAD where he can die like the walkers die; BULLET TO THE HEAD! I doubt the show will be coming back unless CBS has a catastrophic season with many of its fall shows for 2015-16. Then I could see it coming back in the fall of 2016. Unfortunately, CBS isn’t NBC so I doubt they will have that sort of a catastrophe with their fall shows.

    • Misty says:

      Junior isn’t alive he is dead when norrie went into what was a morgue I guess that’s what it was it said j rennie jr. Specimen 24. He’s dead. It’s Joe that’s still alive.

  4. Geoffrey says:

    I loved it. I understand the ending and I appreciate what they were able to give us. There was closure. Their were still some possibilities to explore. But isn’t that the mark of any great show. To never end it but to end it with you asking well did this happen or did they go here. It let’s the imagination soar. Personally I say bravo. Huge Stephen King fan. Loved the show. Loved the actors. And I thank all that were a part of the show. It really gave me something to look forward to each week. Thanks.

  5. laurelnev says:

    Well I can say for a fact that the finale lived up to, and even surpassed, the average episode quality. But that’s like saying Andre is better than Totts–neither is Moet et Chandon or even Korbel. But they can provide some needed refreshment when there is a dearth of other choices available. Beyond that, about all I can say is that it’s done, and I stuck with it through it all. But I kind of wish I’d hopped off THIS train a season or 2 ago!

    • dan says:

      I agree! It started strong, was a roller coaster of good and bad (sometimes terrible, never great), and ended on a reasonably decent note. I thought the finale was well done. The dome came down and we got to see into the future with some intrigue as to “what could’ve happened.” I’m glad CBS decided to end the series with an entertaining episode that essentially wrapped everything up. I was satisfied with the finale even though I was frustrated with the show throughout the three summer run.

  6. Dean says:

    I said it before Marg Helgenberger gets many shows cancelled post CSI. Be it a freshman show like intelligence or a show with a few seasons under its belt like dome.

    • Dysturbed says:

      By definition the word “many” means a lot and 2 is not a large number. Not only that but how is she the one that “gets” them cancelled? Can we really attribute low ratings solely to her as opposed to the various other factors that provide a lack of interest?

    • King says:

      You hate Marg don’t you? Do you REALLY have to say this thing over and over again? You probably just like attention. Here I you go. Stop now.

    • mary says:

      I don’t understand people who keep saying that. She had 1 get cancelled. Which was a show that actually had picked up. Dome was on it’s way out this season w/ or w/out Marge.

  7. Holly K says:

    “The Dome”…fabulous show. Disappointed in the fact there won’t be a 4th season :'( Ratings claim there was a viewer drop-off as the season’s continued. Iv’e never missed an episode and I found a building progression of intrigue, drama and twists & turns within the show. Especially this last season! I rate it as “mind blowing!”

  8. Shawna says:

    Please make a forth season oh my gosh I will cry if this is for real the end.

  9. michael jones says:

    WTF thats not a satisfying ending at all ive watch this show since it started and CBS owes the fan’s a better ending. I would have been fine with season three being the end of Under the Dome if there had been a better ending. I mean come on I can think of plenty of ideas for season four that dont envole another dome coming down and what about Joe wtf man him and Norie pluse Barbe and Julia was my favorite part of the show its bull man they

    • jennifer blake says:

      I agree with you Hope they make another season love that show and there’s plenty of ways they can write season 4 without a dome

  10. jennifer blake says:

    I’m disappointed there’s not gonna be a season 4 and so on they left it open and very sad to see it end after only 3 seasons my husband and is fave show :( please make another season cbs!!!!!

  11. Tara17 says:

    I thought the finale brought resolution to the plots built from seasons 1-3. It also left the door open with Dawn and Joe being alive, and the discovery of the egg, but that’s a new series of events that we won’t get to see. Like the article states, we can only assume that Barbie and the gang would have found a way to prevail. Fun show, I would have enjoyed a 4th season.

  12. Roxanne says:

    I am really disappointed that it is cancelled too. Leave it to CBS to not only cancel a great show, but to not even give a proper ending to it for all of us who love the show and have watched it since the beginning. So many unanswered questions, like why even bother to have the kinship say that they are preparing for something that is coming if you aren’t even going to give any idea what that something is. This was the only prime time show besides Hawaii Five-O and Extant that I watch on CBS, and given all the things I just mentioned, I’m not very likely to watch any more

    • Elizabeth says:

      All the people talking about closure when they kept saying something was coming and they were preparing for that something… They may no longer be “under the dome” but what happened with that threat?

  13. Chris says:

    I didn’t think the ending was awful. I do look forward to an Under the Dome movie in the future that follows the book storyline.

  14. Andrew Korn says:

    i liked it ,and wish cbs would bring it back next summer as a 4 hour mini series beyond the dome

  15. queenbrat says:

    I thought it was awful. And the effects were bad B movie effects at best. I wanted more closure. I am glad the dome came down but this entire season was just off for me. I’m glad the EP is happy with it because as a fan, I am not at all.

  16. Bark Star says:

    Let this be a lesson to you: This would have fared very well as a limited series with one season only. Then you had to stretch it out to squeeze more money and air time out of it and turned it into a twisted and ugly piece of crud. And now everybody is just laughing at you, happy that its over.

  17. Pete says:

    did I miss something? what was the actual purpose of the dome?

  18. My first and last comment on UTD! As others have said, much of the fun of watching this horrible, fantastic show is meeting here on Friday to read Tim’s recap, and that’s what I’ll miss the most. I can’t imagine another show coming along that’s this bad is such a great way that Tim will be able to skewer so well. Well, there’s a lot of bad TV out there, so we can only hope.

    A few random thoughts: What’s with the population all of a sudden (a couple of episodes ago, before the great oldster purge) being 2,000?! As I recall from the season 2 finale (God help me, I’ve watched every episode) Barbie was leading the entire population of Chester’s Mill, except for Julia and Big Jim, out through the tunnel. There were not 2,000 people in that tunnel! And you’re telling me 2,000 townies were living on the lawn of the town hall? Or in that bunkhouse room? And does the Kinship have some kind of magic that can create 2,000 matching, and perfectly fitting, blue outfits?! Oh, and a lovely outfit with matching boots for their new queen?! And why am I getting excited about this?!

    Finally, After Tim’s comments last week about the neck sweat stains, I LOL’ed this week every time someone showed up with a huge, and growing, neck stain, but no pit stains.

    Oh, Under the Dome, you crazy crazy show, I will miss you.

  19. Sheila says:

    Terrible, terrible episode. Awful finale.

  20. ADD says:

    i loved the golden baseball in the finalé, one of the first elements from the book to be incorporated in the show in a long time.

  21. Dan says:

    The saddest thing about the end of Under the Dome is that Rachelle Lefevre won’t be on my television every week.
    It was time to end the show, it was feeling very drawn out, I loved it but all thing must end hopefully before it becomes hated

    • Doug Henning says:

      I hope she gets another show she can star in…. Since finding her in this show, I looked up career which wasn’t too deep previously. She was on Swingtown as a blonde trying to hook up with one of the leads…

  22. Joey Padron says:

    it was a good season finale. it didn’t felt like a series one cause of ending. it would have been interesting to see everyone traveling around to find Dawn and new egg in season 4.

  23. bluji says:

    They didn’t explain what Julia’s role as the Monarch (last touched in… season 1 finale?) meant. The hype about that seemed so big back then and then that was totally dropped.
    Otherwise, I found the finale somewhat satisfying… not fully, but enough satisfying to not make me bothered.

  24. I enjoyed Under the Dome – up to a point – just got through watching back to back seasons on Amazon Fire TV – there were only a few things that I did not like – Killing of the sheriff – his part in the episode was way to short – Lucy did not measure up as his replacement in any way shape or form. “Big Jim’s” anger face looked like an anger, anger woodchuck and became annoying after the first 20 dozen times he flashed it. Favorite character was Barbie until Season 3 – his role was a crying shame – hated the two new characters they brought in Christine Price (Marg Helgenberger – sucked in this role) and Eve Sinclair were a waste of money as far as I was concerned. Killing off main character only to replace them with more people who were less than desirable in character and plot line was a horrible plot twist. Also the plot for the entire 1st Episode of Season 3 was to convoluted half way through I just wanted to throw up my hands and scream at the TV – “How could you take a good series and turn it into something so horrible it is not worth watching?” – What happened did you fire the original writers or director? IMHO I am glad they canceled the series if it was going to keep Marg Helgenberger’s character in it and turn Barbie into a mindless done – it wasn’t going to be worth watching anyway

  25. Alicia says:

    We need a spin off from the finale.You can call it ” After The Dome”. It had too many unanswered questions and unresolved issues. Like what happened with Joe and the other. Does Dawn take over earth or is she stopped? Is the truth ever revealed? I was left hanging and unsatisfied.

  26. Sharon says:

    I think this guy is just lazy! He made his few bucks, got bored and walked away. Personally, if you have a good writing team with a little imagination (who wouldn’t with Stephen King around), they could have taken this show into multiple seasons easily. There wasn’t closure in my opinion. It looked like it was finally going to get really interesting with new story lines in abundance to explore in the coming season. The show ended because Neal Baer said so and was no longer invested in it. He actually could have made boo coo bucks if he had allowed one more season under his belt, then the show could have gone into syndication. It definitely had it’s ups and downs, but overall, I think it started out as a great show and only failed because of him. Sad!

    • Alicia says:

      I agree with you. I feel with the dome coming down, that gave them the opportunity to get their creative juices going. Give us real closure. Even though it was, falling off, I was loyal watcher just to see how it ended and I was disappointed. I need more.

  27. AW says:

    The writers should have killed off Dawn (I couldn’t stand this cardboard villainess) and given us another Queen or King leader instead. I didn’t like Christine at all and her ending was below par and too easy. I would like to see what happen to Joe in S4 (if they should do a follow up movie/series) and call it “Beyond the Dome”!

  28. Mary says:

    Question – I’m confused as to how Eva and Christine got into the Dome. How did they already know about the egg? They were not “infected” until after they got into Chester’s Mill, correct? I feel like I am missing some things here. I’m trying to fill in the blanks as to how and when Christine and Eva became aliens. Also – the episode where Christine gave Sam a blood transfusion. I thought that in the end she only pretended but really didn’t give him a transfusion, yet he did become infected. Or am I wrong and she really did infect him? I’m glad they FINALLY mentioned the “four hands” and the “skies are falling” bit from season 1 in the finale. I felt like all the crazy stuff from seasons 1 and the first part of season 2 were never addressed until last night. I like how they ended it though. I was really hoping that Junior would not be killed, but I’m ok that he was. I’m glad Big Jim did show guilt and remorse over doing it.

    • Elizabeth says:

      They were sent to retrieve the egg by Aktaion, they were there when the dome came down (why no one noticed them until after the alternate reality I have no clue). Not exactly sure about Eva but Christine became “infected” when she touched the egg the very first time, which she was again, sent to find by Aktaion. Remember the recorded video of Christine touching the egg? I forget how Eva ended up infected as well though

  29. Rhonda says:

    we just got left hanging, what about the ones they’re holding captive?do they get out?what about Barbie and Julia do we get to see a wedding?and barbies daughter is still alive and there’s another egg.theres plenty of room for another season to show us more of what could please don’t leave us just hanging.we love the show

  30. Rhonda says:

    We need a season 4 what about the ones being held captive?do They get out?do Barbie and Julia get married? And there’s another egg.theres so much room for more so please give us another season.

  31. Glo says:

    I liked the ending but was not satisfied like the producers think because it left me needing another season to deal with Dawn and the people she will make under her and the people in stasis. This Season could be titled “Beyond the Dome”

  32. bard says:

    Just make a one-hour webisode to make things clear. That was an awful finale.

  33. Phoenix says:

    i am reasonably satisfied with the ending. Honestly i hated thebook ending SPOILER where Julia had to “beg” the remote alien children not to kill them at least in the showthey tried to make it bigger and more interesting. Acouple unresolved wuestions in my mind, who was Melanie, really, abd what happened to her? She was supposed to be the first one to touch the egg, why wasnt she the queen?was she an alien? Was Aktion working with the sliens? And what hsppened to Julia being the monarch? The whole butterfly motif was just dropped.

  34. Seth Kane says:

    What about the implications that there was an even more evil alien race coming, one that destroyed the Kinship’s home world, and that Earth would need the Kinship to survive? Junior even so much as told Big Jim so.

  35. Preacher Book says:

    I like how “Dome” tried to leave narratives open to continue, but logically don’t make sense. First off, if Rep. Jim found NSA evidence that Dawn is alive why didn’t he just alert the military? Didn’t the Army already help set him up? Didn’t they ask nothing be mentioned about the aliens? If the military was so scared, yet obviously knowledgable, of the aliens, then wouldn’t it make sense to bring the full weight and resources of the government down on Dawn’s head? Why leave it up to the last five Grover’s Mill standing? Stupid.

  36. jeff says:

    Under the dome had a good ending for season 3 with it having you to believe that the Queen is still alive after falling into the abyss . But there is no season four ??? I think that Under the Dome had good ratings, i think it should continue for another season.

  37. Barb Samples says:

    I have enjoyed Under The Dome from start to finishe. It saddens me that you haven encoded to end the series. I am one that hopes another network picks it up. It ended as a season finale, not a series finale. Hoping to see more.

  38. vicki says:

    Please bring back the dome next year,, I love this this movie so,,so much

  39. Blake says:

    If a fourth season would have included 13 episodes of Norrie in that awful wig, it’s probably best they cancelled it!

  40. Gordon says:

    I find that the finale gave closure to the chapter on Chester’s mill, however leaving that cliff hamger opened a window of possibilities, this Series may be ober but there is room for a spinn off.
    Dealing with the Kinship outside of the dome would bring a whole new element to the show. They could have it so that they have to find and track down all the eggs before Dawn does and have to deal with her “lackies” as they go along. Joe’s still infected so Norie could release him and it could create a whole slew of new probls for both Acdion and the world. I really feel like they threw away great potential. I only hope someone else picks up the series as a spinn-off or something

  41. Verna Triller says:

    The ending was OK but then left more questions to be answered. not very satisfying.

  42. Robert Booth says:

    I just wish under the dome would come back and do a season 4 and maybe a season 5

  43. The Bobster says:

    No show is improved by the addition of niqqers. The oil drilling made it worse.

  44. Duvan says:

    Se sabe si esta confirmada una Cuarta Temporada?
    Esta Serie Ha sido una de las mejores, que he visto Ojala y saquen la cuarta temporada

  45. Nathan Groce says:

    Yes it gave closure to the original idea but then to not kill off the queen and to have her back ? a new egg is found and the group meeting in big jims office!? this cant possibly be the end it was left way to open.

  46. General Chaos says:

    As a finale it was OK. But the one big gaping hole is the complete lack of information about what it was that was chasing the kinship. Some big bad entity/race was following them and heading toward Earth. I would have liked to get some info on that. Some cutaway to a massive ship in space with Earth a distant speck would have been good.

  47. Brad says:

    I did not like the ending here :( I have way to many unanswered questions….maybe I have missed some things along the way but here are some of my biggest questions….If anyone could fill me in that would be awesome :)

    1. Why would the aliens drop a dome down on them that could end up killing them all if something went wrong (like it did)?

    2. I still don’t fully understand the whole “Melanie from 25 years ago” what did that have to with anything, I may be forgetting some things, could someone fill me in?

    3. I don’t get what was so special about the 4 hands in the beginning. If the egg was supposed to sing the last note to the rocks what was so special about those 4? And also, I know at the end, dawn said that norrie could sing the note and then it was a trick to get joe to do it. What difference would it have made if norrie would have done it? I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem like the aliens thought their plan through very well lol… Maybe I’m just totally dumb but please fill me in :)

    4. What was the whole (monarch will be crowned) and Julia being special all about? It just didn’t seem like Julia had much special to do with anything but I guess throwing the egg in the water. Please fill me in here :)

    5. In the second to last episode, Christine says something that sounds like they were running from other aliens and they might be coming soon. So were they planning on taking over the world in the first place or just hiding out from the aliens while they repopulated their alien race?

    6. How did the cell key got on Indy’s collar? Did it show Big Jim put it on him in a scene that I missed or did it just happen? :)

    I don’t know, but I think if the aliens try it again, they should leave another dome (that could possibly kill them all) out of the picture :)

    Like I said, I haven’t seen the fist 2 seasons in quite a while so maybe there is some things I am forgetting, so if anyone can fill me in. PLEASE DO!!!!!!

    • ? says:

      Okay, I’ll bite:
      1. In nature, lots of organisms have to prove their viability by surviving gestation.
      2. Nothing at all. Like, AT ALL.
      3. I guess Dawn wanted Joe in the kinship more than Norrie.
      4. I think Julia was supposed to be Christine before Christine was Christine. But since the dome couldn’t get Julia, it luckily had a backup proto-queen all along!
      5. Who knows? They’re aliens. Aliens do what aliens do for alien reasons.
      6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA right? My favorite part of the episode. We’re to believe Big Jim hid the key on Indy’s collar just in case he happened to end up in the town jail. Gloriously bad.
      This has to be the worst show I’ve ever watched in its entirety from start to finish. It was always entertaining every week seeing just how lazy and stupid the writing was going to get. Oh well. Hey, at least the cast can get real acting jobs now!

      • Ha Ha Ha hilarious!!!!! Ok that sums it up for me lol…..I just wanted to make sure that it was terrible writing and not me being stupid :) Thanks for the reply! I watched the show every week, but I could not get my wife to watch with me. She called it “Dome Of Our Lives because of all the drama, lies, and betrayal always going on LOL :D

  48. Andrew says:

    Personally, I hated the Barbie and Julia relationship and it was that which ultimately ruined the show for me. It would have been fine if it took place over three years but three weeks is very unrealistic for any couple to be madly in love with each other like they were. I mean I knew I liked my Wife after knowing her for three weeks but loved is another thing altogether and my Wife liked their relationship up until she realised it had only been three weeks.

    The Audrey and Nathan relationship in Haven was far more realistic because it was built up over the seasons and I liked that much better.

    • Gordon says:

      Under normal curcumstances i’d agree with you, but you also have to realize that they have been through allot together, and expierences like that tend to accelerate a relationship, furthermore as the seasons went on they got to a point where they could potentially die any day which also added to the Julia/Barbie dynamic. When they finally got out, it was like an “only we can understand eachother now” scenario and they have both been through way too much at that point to let the relationship deminish.

  49. Josh says:

    Finished watching the finale last night, I enjoyed it, not bad.

    It wasnt that great a show anyway, the acting was poor and the show was very cheesy at times. Half the time it was hard to follow why or what was happening.

    Im glad it’s gone now so we can make way for really great shows that are on level with Lost, Dexter, Breaking Bad, Better call Saul, Prison Break, House and last but not least the wonderful Person of Interest! If you havent seen I must recommend it, youll be asking yourself how you missed out on such a great show.

  50. Fieldmatthew says:

    Sorry but no closure at all. You kill off main characters one by the hands of a father. We see young love lead to nothing. A possible engagement that never finished. Another egg found with unlimited power. So meny unanswered things. I loved the show but feel let down by the so called”ending”

    • Jackson Brazil says:

      I completely agree you. I hate tha fact that Joe and Norrie aren’t togeter and Junior, poor Junior is dead, by his father! How can peole vote AWESOME???!!!!