The Originals Season 3 Trailer: Klaus Braces for War, Hayley Returns & More

There’s some “bad blood” brewing in New Orleans, and it’s going to make Taylor Swift’s music video look like an afternoon at Disneyland.

The first trailer for The Originals‘ upcoming third season, obtained exclusively by TVLine, finds Klaus — aka “the thing that men fear” — in dire straits, as a “war between the sire lines” breaks out just as he’s severed virtually every alliance within his family. (Some timing, huh?)

The trailer also gives us our first look at a temporarily de-wolved Hayley, a scared-as-hell Elijah (with baby Hope in tow!), a Fight Club-ready Marcel and a rightfully concerned Cami. … And, wait, why is Davina bleeding from her eyes?

Given all of this, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised by Freya’s chilling final words: “You will all fall.”

Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then browse photos from Season 3 and drop a comment below: What are you feeling right now?!