The Originals Season 3 Trailer: Klaus Braces for War, Hayley Returns & More

There’s some “bad blood” brewing in New Orleans, and it’s going to make Taylor Swift’s music video look like an afternoon at Disneyland.

The first trailer for The Originals‘ upcoming third season, obtained exclusively by TVLine, finds Klaus — aka “the thing that men fear” — in dire straits, as a “war between the sire lines” breaks out just as he’s severed virtually every alliance within his family. (Some timing, huh?)

The trailer also gives us our first look at a temporarily de-wolved Hayley, a scared-as-hell Elijah (with baby Hope in tow!), a Fight Club-ready Marcel and a rightfully concerned Cami. … And, wait, why is Davina bleeding from her eyes?

Given all of this, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised by Freya’s chilling final words: “You will all fall.”

Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then browse photos from Season 3 and drop a comment below: What are you feeling right now?!

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  1. Hayley and Klaus are fighting. Hayley punch the f**k out of Klaus

  2. Evan says:

    I hope Klaus and Freya become close… they are so much alike!

  3. Cami is so beautiful says:


  4. Christy says:

    Hayley and Klaus are fighting at 16 seconds! They need to have hate sex!

  5. Madison says:

    I only saw 4 things in this promo. Klaus making threats and throwing his usual tantrums. Cami using her fake psychology degree and overall just walking around being pointless and waste of screen time as usual. Elijah looking concerned. Hayley uppercutting Klaus (that was a good hit) and Davina’s eyes bleeding. Overall besides the Klaus and Hayley fight I’m not really interested in what they just showed.

  6. Lily M. says:

    How is Hayley beating Klaus ass, again? I know the writers want to show/prove us that she is a queen … but not to the point of ridicule to Klaus. Elijah himself says they’re ORIGINALS.

  7. Veronica says:

    I hope Klayley can have a normal talk

  8. The small bit of Klayley was really the only interesting thing on this show for season 3. Everything else they showed bored me.

  9. Kristen says:

    I really want this season to be good… I’m hoping for Elijah and Hayley to finally be together, Klaus and Cami to be together, and I want to see more from Marcel, well because frankly I just love him. I’m still not sure how I feel about Freya. I want her to bond with Klaus, because they truly are a lot alike, but he’s so guarded and trusts practically no one. She needs to find her place in the family though so she can quit riding the frenemy line. That storyline will get old very fast.

  10. Hayley is Queen. Klaus is King. Klaus loves Hayley. Klayley is the Power Couple.

  11. Phoebe he terrible posture! She’s always slightly bent!

  12. Jess says:

    What I love:

    Still I don’t know whether love or hate:

    What I hate:
    Overexposure not so beloved characters and lack of exposure beloved characters, such as:
    3 different scenes with Camille -_-
    Freya and Marcel’s scenes of less than a second =/

  13. liame says:

    Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies are surrounded by lackluster talent, IMO. Especially the actress playing Hayley, she’s hard to watch at time.

  14. Excited for Klaus/Hayley fight scenes, but that’s about it. Maybe Lucien but we’ll see.Oh wait and Marcel’s arm muscles. Let me guess Cami’s gonna be a damsel again this season and Klaus has to save her usless self -_- Lord why they torture us with her character. She’s pointless she should just leave and go home to her family and live her life normally. I really don’t get why she’s here and why she’s so obsessed with Klaus. Its creepy.

  15. Matt says:

    Excited for Klaus and Hayley fight scenes, love Joseph and Phoebe

  16. Cassie says:

    I want Klayley together so badly.

  17. TheOriginalsObsession says:

    I’m so excited to see what role will Freya play in the family.Also,please show us more scenes of Freya casting spells(people think Davina is more powerful -_-).

  18. Lenox says:

    I can’t wait to watch it

  19. Ruthie says:

    First of all we on season 3 it’s been 2 seasons past and they still with that whole Klaus is evil BS, enough already can you just make Klaus be happy with Camille and let it go, am sick of Elijah, Marcel, Rebekkah and skanky Hayley making him out to the bad guy when they’ve done similiar or even worst crap like who are they to judge. Hayley was the one who came to klaus for protection when Katherine was after her to kill her, it was her who threw herself at klaus because she had no where else to go and no one wanted her ass and now she wanna act like the queen bee blaming klaus for her past mistakes like if you didnt want a kid with Klaus you shouldnt have laid in bed with him, and yet here she goes bedding her brother and Jackson thats disgusting it really is it’s low and whoreish it really is and don’t anyone tell me eitherwise. And then here she goes basically napping Hope from Klaus willing to let Klaus daughter be raised by Jackson who is not hopes father and hope would never know who her real father is that’s messed up being all recognition to do that to someone. Hayley disgust me she does and i can’t stand her self rightousnous to judge him when she herself got Jeremy killed for telling katherine where the cure was and not to mention she got Tyler’s hybrid friends all killed as well, she got no reason to smack her lips period. And Elijah omg i recall you slaughtered Tatit the woman Klaus loved as much as him and when you asked Klaus to forgive you he did, yet when he killed your stupid girlfriend you can’t forgive him, mind you Klaus had a purpose Elijah flatout sucked Tati’s blood out he had no reason for that, yet here he is mad like really. This show needs to stop placing Klaus as the big bad when they’ve all done horrible things to everyone and themselves.

  20. zed says:

    Klaley has so much to resolve -I think their story is just beginning. Fire with fire! That’s like clash of the Titans, those two. Nature’s loophole didn’t give those two a baby just for the heck of it! I know, I said that I loved Jayley, too, and I do- there is this sweet something about them. I am a libra, so I can get like the scales – but Klayley has the sizzle!! And I so hope, the writers dig deep into Klayley emotion and give us that what they did in season 1 with Klayley, like that they are so alike, that she get him, and that she digs out of him that something that he doesn’t need to go to defencive mode and turns everyone against him. Hayley should reach down onto his soul and make him see that he canbe loved and that loving her is all right and not a weakness.

    And I have to bring up Elijah here” who has many personal issues to deal with- and one is his history with the doppelgangers and killing Tatia. I don’t think that is actually resolved at all, unless they will sweep this under the carpet and thousand years of actually loving one woman is just so erased like nothing ever happened and the complexity of that vanished in the air.

  21. Natasha Laura says:

    Great work The Originals crew.