Marvel's Jessica Jones Gets Netflix Premiere Date — Watch Teaser

“It’s time the world knew her name” — though not her face? Not just yet?

A teasey teaser video from Marvel has announced the Netflix premiere date for Jessica Jones, which will release all 13 episodes on Nov. 20.

Starring Krysten Ritter (Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23), the Netflix series finds the former superhero hanging up her cape to open a detective agency and promises a “suspenseful, edgy look into the life of … one of the most popular new Marvel characters of the last decade, as she faces demons from within and without.”

The cast also includes David Tennant (Doctor Who), Mike Colter (Netflix’s upcoming Marvel’s Luke Cage), Rachael Taylor (Charlie’s Angels), Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) and Eka Darville (The Originals).

Can you hold out another two-plus months to actually meet Jessica?

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  1. When this show becomes a hit, it will shut up anyone who claimed John Carter was mistitled.

  2. militantgod says:

    TV and movies, are different beasts.

  3. Drew says:

    Not a great trailer for a new TV series. I expect the show to be good (because of Daredevil. The other Marvel stuff kinda sucks) but any fan could have thrown this trailer together months ago. As someone who doesn’t know the character, this does nothing to pull me in. On top of that, it makes the show look like an animated series, not a serious live action series.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Yikes, which site out there called this a trailer? Even Marvel labeled it a “Premiere Announcement.” I’d cast sideeye, “Drew,” at whatever site you visited that called this a trailer. They’re looking to hornswaggle ya!

      • Drew says:

        Sorry… “Teaser” (which is traditionally followed by the word “trailer”)… Whatever we label it, it is the first impression that they’re giving us of this series. As a video, when people click on it, they expect a taste of what is to come. If they just want to announce a date, they should issue a press release, not a tease of a teaser for a trailer that might possibly be released at some point.
        At the very least, show an actual person so people know that it is a real live action series and not one of the billion Marvel cartoons that have popped up on Netflix.

        • Shaun says:

          Only people not interested would think it’s another cartoon.

          • Drew says:

            Yes, and the job of advertising is to appeal to people who aren’t yet interested.
            Why is this turning I to such a debate? They have completed filming of the entire season. There is no excuse for releasing a video without so much as a freeze frame of live action footage. Unless the show is so horrible that they want to appeal to the comic book side of people rather than the TV series side.
            A video like this might have been excusable if it had been released before anything was shot. Even then, a real image of some sort would be better (since this is not the comic book or a cartoon and they should advertise their actual product). Post-filming, with hundreds of hours of film to pick from, it is completely unacceptable to not have so much as a glimpse of the show itself, or its star.

    • Ian says:

      But im curious to see how they can make sure all the Marvel series are equally great with the bar set with Daredevil and with all the different showrunners and writers and styles. Jessica Jones is under a lot of pressure.

  4. On my birthday? Love it!

  5. Dean says:

    If it does get cancelled then it probably because they hired Rachael Taylor.

  6. Phil says:

    Really disappointed Marvel’s dropping the “aka” from the title. “aka Jessica Jones” just has a ring to it that “Marvel’s Jessica Jones” does not. Even “Marvel’s AKA Jessica Jones” is better.

    It gives it just enough of a hint of what the show is about to make the typical name title interesting. Anyway, I liked the color palette in this teaser. Reminds me of the comics, one of the last series I actually read in its entirety. Hope Krysten Ritter is a good fit!

  7. Viv says:

    The teaser production design looks great. I’m so happy! A three-dimensional female superhero. Hurraw!!

  8. lolalucia says:


  9. Drew says:

    I’ve decided that this smells funny. It isn’t just a bad video. They have everything filmed, yet they don’t give us so much as an image of its star? Do we even have cast photos yet? Anything of substance? The first teaser for Daredevil was (I think) four months before release. Sixteen seconds long, with a live action city. Two months before release, we had a full trailer with real footage.
    Now, either Jessica Jones is so remarkably horrible that they can’t get a single facial expression for the teaser trailer… I don’t buy that.
    More likely, there is a battle brewing between Marvel and Netflix. Maybe Marvel wants more money after the success of Daredevil? Or maybe Marvel/Disney is trying to negotiate a deal to take these shows to ABC?
    For whatever reason, Netflix doesn’t have the footage to put a proper teaser together. All they have here is the logo and some pretty generic comic book imagery. The question is why. Is Netflix putting this online to force Marvel’s hand somehow? Or is it really just a horribly created teaser, at a point when we should have a real trailer?

    • Robert Dassler says:

      There is a strategy for everything. Daredevil was the first venture so Marvel/Netflix went out of their way to remind you that this series was coming to Netflix. Jessica Jones doesn’t have to try as hard to get eyeballs. Most of the work is already done for it.

      • Drew says:

        I strongly disagree. Daredevil had name recognition (whether good or bad). People knew the gist of his story. The only thing that they needed to convince us of was the fact that it would be done properly.
        Jessica Jones is nobody. Outside of the die hard Marvel comic readers, nobody knows who she is. The biggest selling point here is probably Krysten Ritter who has some amount of fan following from her previous work… Yet, they don’t use her at all. They’re playing mysterious with a character who is already unknown. This is not the time to play hard to get.
        If this is strategy, the person behind it should be fired.

        • Kelly says:

          We all get it Drew, you have already made up your mind you don’t like it and you won’t be watching (even though you have not seen anything yet), but the rest of us have not pre determine that it sucks, without seeing the first episode. You can have fun bashing something you have never seen, if it make you feel better. I would rather wait until it is released and actually see it first before I make up my mind.

          • Drew says:

            You just made up an entire argument in your head. I never said that I wouldn’t watch. I never criticized the series at all. I criticized the marketing… Which I have seen, and it sucks.