Stephen Colbert Debuts Two New Bits on Late Show: Are They Keepers?

While Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake were off schooling the Tonight Show audience on the History of Rap (again), new Late Show host Stephen Colbert was testing out some fresh material with Scarlett Johansson.

The question is, was either bit humorous enough to merit a promotion to recurring segment? You decide!

First up, in “Big Questions With Even Bigger Stars,” Colbert and Johansson “got real for a minute” as they pondered life’s great unknowns, such as what it might be like to have feet for hands or hands for feet, and what Oprah Winfrey — and possibly Gayle King — might be up to right. now.

Next the host donned a big furry hat that (allegedly) granted him unconditional power, assuring that everything he said would be deemed a law of the land. New “laws” included that one mustn’t feel the need to say goodbye to every acquaintance at a party, and zoologists must stop telling us we’re wrong when referring to chimpanzees as monkeys.

Now that you’ve seen both segments, we ask you: should they stay or should they go? Vote in our polls below, then head to the comments and tell us what you thought of Colbert’s second Late Show.