The Leftovers Season 2 Trailer and Official Poster Tout Kevin/Nora Connection, New Crisis

The Leftovers is serving up a healthy portion of Kevin and Nora angst in Season 2 — and the proof is in the latest trailer and, more pointedly, the absolutely breathtaking poster.

The exclusive preview above offers the most revealing glimpse yet of the HBO drama’s new “chosen” setting of Jarden, Texas. “For the first time in a long time, we feel safe,” Justin Theroux’s Kevin opines of his new hometown, which, miraculously, lost a total of zero citizens to the Sudden Departure.

But before you can say too good to be freakin’ true, all hell begins breaking lose in the “Jarden of Eden.” And although the exact reason for the escalating crisis remains somewhat mysterious, this much is clear: the Garvey clan’s dream fresh start quickly devolves into a nightmare.

Press PLAY above to view the trailer, then scroll down to view the gorgeous Kevin/Nora-centric key art, then hit the comments with your thoughts! Oh, and save this date: The Leftovers Season 2 bows Sunday, Oct. 4 at 9/8c.

The Leftovers Season 2