Game of Thrones Freddie Stroma Cast Season 6

Game of Thrones Adds Freddie Stroma to Season 6 as [Spoiler]'s Sibling

Game of Thrones is often surreal. Its latest casting is UnREAL.

Freddie Stroma, who played lovable lothario Adam on the Lifetime summer drama, has been chosen to play Samwell Tarly’s brother, Dickon, in the HBO series’ sixth season, TVLine has confirmed.

BuzzFeed first reported the casting.

Dickon is Sam’s more physically gifted younger brother who, since Sam pledged himself to the Night’s Watch, is poised to inherit the family estate.

In addition to playing the bachelor at the center of Everlasting, the reality dating show at UnREAL‘s core, Stroma’s resumé includes three Harry Potter films and Pitch Perfect 2.

Earlier this year, Stroma told TVLine that his participation in UnREAL‘s second season was “unlikely,” though producers later clarified that nothing concrete had been determined for Season 2.

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  1. Dani says:

    NOOOO! Don’t leaves us alone with Jeremy, Adam :(

  2. Andre says:


  3. Concerned says:

    Ugh i was hoping we’d never see samwell again after he left

  4. Amy says:

    Happy for Freddie, glad I will get to see more of him, sad he may not be back on UnREAL.

  5. Brittney says:

    I like him! Im glad to see hes getting other work, especially on something like GOT. Has Randyll Tarly been cast yet?

    • Joey says:

      It’s assumed by some that’s the mystery role that Ian McShane is playing. I’m a little iffy since its said its a small role for him, and maybe Randyll Tarly is a larger role? I’m not sure. If not Randyll Tarly, then perhaps Aeron Greyjoy?

  6. Steven says:

    Freddie is a great actor, but I really want him back on UnReal next season!

    • Chris says:

      According to an interview with “UnREAL” creators Sarah Gertrude Shapiro and Marti Noxon, they said that Freddie Stroma will be back as Adam next season, though I don’t know how he will balance being on both GoT and UnREAL! Maybe he can be on a recurring capacity for a few episodes as Adam on UnREAL?

      • Chris says:

        I forgot to add that the interview was done by The Hollywood Reporter!

      • robandco says:

        GoT films very early in advance since they rely heavily on (good) CGI. He is not a central part of the series I assume so he will not be in many episodes and will likely be done in time for UnReal to film its second season.

        • Chris says:

          Shiri Appleby says that season 2 of UnREAL will start production of season 2 after the new year which is in January!

          • robandco says:

            GoT will likely be done with production come January 2016. According to the GoT wiki, season 6 production started late July and will end in December 2015.

  7. Joey says:

    I mean are you serious. They cast someone older than John Bradley to play his younger brother. And by younger brother, I mean significantly younger, as in half his age younger.

    • Mark S says:

      The show ages up the characters from the books, so Dickon will be significantly older than his character from the books.

      • Joey says:

        I’d give you a nice well-written post very nicely explaining why your response isn’t valid, but I’m sure I’d just be called a book snob and ignored.

        • Joey, your problem isn’t that you’re a book snob, but that you’re an asshole! Pretty much every time I read a TVLine article, I scroll down to see an unnecessarily smug or passive aggressive comment from you. Chill out man! GOT have made dubious casting choices many times before but it usually seems to work out. And if it doesn’t, it’s ok for shows as ambitious as this to have hits and misses from time to time. Do you have a life outside of this website? I mean, really!

          • Joey says:

            Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt your feelings with my opinion? I guess that’s just too darn bad for you. Get over it.

        • Mark S says:

          My God, mate, you’re an obnoxious bastard. I make a polite comment explaining GOT casting and all i get from you is a snarky comment. Get a life you saddo!

          • Joey says:

            No, you really just don’t get it. You really don’t. Because book fans really want to like the show, however, at almost every turn, the showrunners have shown a gross misunderstanding of the characters’ pasts and their motivations, which means they can’t write their past, present or future accurately, and since the book series is very well-written, it really hurts to see it messed up so badly, especially with such a gifted cast.

        • No, I don’t have a problem with your opinion. It’s your delivery. Surely you realise that you come across as a pompous git? I’m lucky you’ve never commented directly on my posts, but I constantly see you commenting on others in this really smug way and it doesn’t make sense to me. Even now, when you are talking about how much the books mean to you, it’s in this very self-righteous/ “all other book readers agree with me” kind of way. Of course you can have an opinion but you can’t have a god complex. Be nice. It’s pretty easy.

    • Wayne says:

      Thankyou Sammy! I am so glad somebody has finally called Joey on his bulls***! He is like a little ball of negativity energy that lurks under every TVLine article!

  8. robandco says:

    As long as he is shirtless I am good. I loved him in UnReal, he’s quite the breakout star IMO.

  9. lulu says:

    It is pretty clear the guy wants to do something else than Unreal and GOT is so much more prestigious..he know where are his priorities..

    • Chris says:

      Freddie Stroma said that he hopes to be back for season 2 of UnREAL in some sort of capacity, so he isn’t entirely ruling out a return to UnREAL!

  10. jc says:

    Omggg freddie is so hot and cute hopefully hbo gets him nude frequently.

  11. Heather says:

    He was in Pitch Perfect 1 not Pitch Perfect 2. DUH!

  12. tallsy says:

    I’m not worried about unReal. They won’t be starting shooting for at least six months.

    • Chris says:

      How do you know that UnREAL won’t start shooting season 2 until March, tallsy? Do you know when GoT starts production on season 6?

      • tallsy says:

        GoT has started production already.

        I suspect that UnReal will not be shooting while Shiri’s pregnant and she needs some maternity leave.