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Does Arrow's Season 4 Poster Earn 'Higher' Marks Than Last Year's?

Oliver Queen’s alter ego will “Aim Higher” in Season 4, as declared by the poster heralding Arrow‘s (and the Arrow’s) return.

Showrunner Marc Guggenheim told TVLine that what brings Oliver back to Starling City from his and Felicity’s idyllic escapade is “complicated,” seeing as “he’s really happy — and ‘happy Oliver’ is not something we see very often.” Adds the EP, “There’s an obvious call to duty, but it’s surprising, too, because the way he handles his return is different from what we’ve seen in the past.”

What do you think of Arrow’s “higher” calling? And can we unanimously agree that Season 4’s poster (which is a tweaked version of the first new costume reveal) nonetheless eclipses Season 3’s “group walk”?

Arrow Season 4 Poster

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