TV's Worst Show Titles: The Bizarre (Extant), Misleading (Terriers), Alienating (Buffy) and 13 Others

Worst TV Titles

The series hasn’t even premiered yet, but Fox’s Lookinglass is already a bit murky.

We’re not talking about the content of the supernatural drama, which follows a corrupt sheriff brought back to life in another man’s body. We’re talking about its title, which until recently was The Frankenstein Code.

Why the change to something the average viewer won’t understand? And why, for the love of dictionaries everywhere, would the show pick an incorrect spelling?

The whole thing got us thinking about other series with titles that befuddled, irritated — grammar, please! — or alienated viewers.

There were good shows hurt by names both odd (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Terriers) and misrepresentative (Cougar Town). Then there were those that were just plain bad, like a certain UPN gem and a USA Network drama with perhaps the most generic moniker to ever grace the small screen (which may explain its cancellation).

In honor of Lookinglass‘ unfortunate name change, we’ve gathered our picks for the worst TV show titles. Click through the gallery below (or here for direct access) to view our collection, then share your selections.

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