Vampire Diaries Deleted Scene: Are Stefan & Caroline Really 'Just Friends'?

Elena’s hibernation might have been the focus of The Vampire Diaries‘ sixth season finale, but the milestone hour was also a biggie for fans of Stefan and Caroline’s slow-burning whatever.

And as luck would have it, TVLine has an exclusive deleted scene from the finale — fresh off the Season 6 Blu-ray, on sale Sept. 1 — which offers a little more insight into Caroline’s complicated feelings for her best friend’s ex. (Agree or disagree: Doesn’t the fact that it’s Enzo who calls out Caroline for getting “cozy” with Stefan make the whole thing even better?)

“We’re just friends,” she tells him, before raising this highly legitimate point: “We were unconscious and you shoved us on top of each other!”

Caroline quickly shifts the conversation back to Sleeping Beauty Elena, at which point Enzo shows her a rare moment of gentlemanly kindness.

Hit PLAY on the deleted scene above, then drop a comment below: What are your hopes for Stefan and Caroline in Season 7?

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