Mistresses Finale Sneak Peek: Joss Is Free, But Karen Gets... Banished?

First, the good news about Mistresses‘ Season 3 finale: Joss is finally out of that drab, blue prison jumpsuit — and it’s not just because she’s dressing to impress a jury.

Nope, as our exclusive sneak peek from the episode (airing Thursday, 9/8c on ABC) reveals, Jes Macallan’s falsely accused killer has been released back into her natural habitat — a chic restaurant with good wine, good friends and even an uninvited rando trying to get in on the good times.

Unsurprisingly, though, there’s trouble at Karen’s end of the table. There’s only one place that Our Lady of Unfortunate Life Choices wants to be — but her presence there is strictly verboten. (Anyone want to make a bet on how quickly Karen decides the right thing to do is to ignore the aforementioned ban?)

Press PLAY above for the full scene, then share your hopes and dreams for the Mistresses finale — and a possible Season 4!

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