Coach Cancelled

NBC Cancels Coach Revival Series

Coach has been sacked.

NBC has cancelled the followup to the ’90s comedy, starring Craig T. Nelson, our sister site Deadline reports.

The new series found Nelson’s Hayden being called out of retirement to serve as assistant coach to his and late wife Christine’s grown son, Tim, who was starting up a new team as the head coach at an Ivy League school in Pennsylvania.

Although the midseason project received a straight-to-series, 13-episode order, only a pilot was filmed. It was met with mixed results, with creative issues contributing to the show’s cancellation, per Deadline.

Earlier this month, TVLine reported that Pam Stone was set to reprise her role as ladies’ basketball coach Judy Watkins-Dybinski.

Barry Kemp, who created the original series, served as executive producer and writer on the continuation.

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  1. Tony Lang says:

    Well that was quick… Usually NBC waits until people have had time to like it before killing it…

  2. Mr. Tran K says:

    OH NO. Disappointed about the news. Can’t believe NBC is at again when a show that won’t debut until mid-season gets canceled early.

  3. Karen says:

    It’s a shame it won’t continue. Sometimes you just can’t go home again.

  4. A. D. says:

    That sucks…I was looking forward to this! I hope it gets shopped!

  5. Karen says:

    It’s a shame it will not continue. Sometimes you just can’t go home again.

  6. fatalsin says:

    its for the best…. really…

  7. Erica says:

    It shouldn’t have been resurrected in the first place. ::shrug::

  8. Eric says:

    Not surprised by this. This is a revival series that was not needed nor did a single person ask for this. Besides, in what world did NBC think this would work? I’ve seen every episode of the original and it was a decent show… For it’s time. People wouldn’t respond to it in 2015. Anybody with a brain knows this. Can’t say I’m upset about this news. Relieved actually. Tired of networks trying to revive past shows. It’s sad when networks feel the only time they can produce a hit is when they revive past shows or create spin offs of current popular shows. No originality.

    • Dys says:

      The fact that a lot of things aren’t needed or asked for doesn’t mean that people won’t end up enjoying them regardless. With that in mind, if it wasn’t going well before even being filmed, then this is for the best. I agree that people would probably be less responsive currently. As for the abundance of shows that lack originality? In fairness, after decades of new shows and movies, originality isn’t realistically going to be that easy to come by. It happens, sometimes successfully, but even original things are in some way compared to previous things, even if it is in minor ways.

      • Dys says:

        My post should have said “if it wasn’t going well before more than the pilot was filmed.” as my post made it sound like absolutely nothing was filmed.

      • MrMank says:

        Everything in this day and age is going to subscribe to some sort of format, or be based (even loosely) on a story that’s been told before, but TV is churning out new shows all the time. There is absolutely no reason networks need to be recycling as much as they have been. It is pure laziness.

  9. Drew says:

    I was curious about the show until it was revealed that Christine was dead. After that, I felt no need to see it.
    The network should experiment with short-run revivals where we get a handful of episodes to catch up with old favorites. Wings. Quantum Leap. Friday Night Lights. Stuff like that. Maybe Coach could be featured in one of those shorter runs.

    • Eric says:

      Why, though? Instead of putting time, energy, and money into revival series for past series, why not put that effort and money into attempting to create new successes and new classic series? That’s what is frustrating me about Fox. They are making all this effort to create revival series for The X-Files, Prison Break, 24, etc., but if they put half the effort they put into creating those into creating new series, then maybe they could have some hits on their schedule. Having Empire as an enormous success won’t cut it. Networks need to leave the past alone and start focusing on the future.

      • Tee says:

        Those shows were fairly recent and have a built in following. If the studio wanted to make mega bucks, those are the three shows that would definitely bring in the viewers and the money, even if they weren’t watched live. My parents are in their sixties and super into Prison Break. The own it on DVD and my mom watched all of the episodes on Netflix while on the treadmill at the gym. She and my dad will be watching the new episodes on Hulu Plus, as well as setting up a season pass on their DVR. They have NO CLUE what else is on Fox, and probably couldn’t even tell you what channel it is on their TV, but I guarantee you they will watch this, and so will everyone else who was a fan of any of the shows you mentioned.

      • PD says:

        Creativity-as far as TV goes- is dead. Most TV shows suck. H

  10. Lauren says:

    I’m mainly sad for Craig T. Nelson. Since he was tied up in this, he missed out on other opportunities to be on TV this fall. Gah, I am missing Parenthood.

  11. Rob says:

    Really disappointed but this is what happens when you kill Shelley Fabares.

  12. Jaime says:

    If not even NBC liked the pilot, can you imagine just how bad it must have been?

  13. George says:

    This sucks!!! I was so looking forward to this reboot.

  14. Jared says:

    Of all shows to reboot(which is getting old already) Coach was definitely not one of them. In what Universe did NBC think this would do well in the 18-49 demo??

  15. Temperance says:

    Great news. Hated the original, and the follow up looked worse.

  16. Thomas hunter says:

    Not unusual, given NBCs track record. They had also announced a BEWITCHED show that was gonna feature Samantha’s granddaughter. That, evidently, was dropped as well

  17. Yoki says:

    Not surprised.

  18. iceturkee says:

    you kill off christine, you kill the series.

  19. rowan77 says:

    The only way this show would work would be to change it completely from the original show. Now if they made it a single-cam comedy or even a drama (e.g. Like Lou Grant), that might be interesting. I like multi-cam shows, but unless they changed the voice of the show to something more modern, it wouldn’t have done well.

  20. Walkie says:

    Did anyone really think this reboot was going to work? It was a terrible idea from the start.

  21. Jane says:

    Bummer. With all of he horrible and violent junk on television, I would really like to see my old favorite come back, if even for only 13 episodes. What about a reunion tv movie?

  22. aerial says:

    Thank the good Lord that this series reboot was canceled. NBC (Nothing But Cancellations) just isn’t competent to produce good shows and reboots? They need to go back to creating original content, but even those end up cancelled.

  23. Helen says:

    Good! I still don’t understand how this was a thing. Does anyone, anywhere think of of “Coach” as something other than a mediocre-at-best show that stuck around far too long in the first place? What’s next? A “Dave’s World” update?

  24. Diz says:

    Too bad. I would have watched.

  25. Television says:

    This is the new annoying thing to do. Say that there will be a new show or a renewed show, and then cancel it before it airs. Why are they doing this?

  26. Good! I actually like the original series and this sequel sounded like it was going to ruin the shows legacy.

  27. kylin furlow says:

    coach is being shopped to other networks. every network submitted a bid for coach originally but the creator went with nbc due to universal owning the rights to the original as well the 13 episode order

  28. Matt S. says:

    Hopefully the pilot gets released eventually..