Archer Cast on Season 7: Espionage, Giant Animals and... Cocaine Pies?

If you had told us, prior to San Diego Comic-Con 2015, that the cast of Archer would be the toughest group to get spoilers from, we wouldn’t have believed you.

But as you will find in Michael Ausiello’s Q&A with the actors — including Aisha Tyler, Judy Greer, Chris Parnell and Jessica Walter — the voices behind the animated FX-turned-FXX series aren’t willing to spill much about the upcoming seventh season.

That’s not to say a few intriguing hints weren’t dropped. According to Greer, Season 7 will feature two “big, scary animals” that “do a bad thing” in one particular episode, and Lucky Yates teased the “new and creative ways” in which the team will use their espionage skills. (There’s also a storyline, which may or may not be real, about a cocaine-pie factory. Make of that what you will.)

Press PLAY on the video above — in which the cast members also reveal why they didn’t think Archer would ever get on TV — then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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