Game of Thrones: Stannis Lives!

Game of Thrones Stannis Alive Season 6

Reports of Stannis Baratheon’s death have been greatly exaggerated… in the Game of Thrones source material, at least.

A fan recently asked author George R.R. Martin, via a comment left on Martin’s LiveJournal, whether Robert’s throne-hungry brother was still alive. The question is relevant given the end of the HBO series’ fifth season, which led viewers to believe — but did not actually show — that Stannis had been killed by a vengeful Brienne of Tarth. (One of the series’ directors later confirmed that Stephen Dillane’s character was, indeed, dead.)

“In my books?” Martin replied Wednesday. “Alive, beyond a doubt.”

Interesting, no? On one hand, the HBO series has (and continues to) divert from Martin’s epic saga, so this means nothing. On the other, perhaps we can now move Stannis into the Catelyn Stark/Lady Stoneheart category: AKA “Characters we have a glimmer of hope we’ll see again.”

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