Survivor's Remorse Star Talks Legal Troubles, Lovin' and LeBron in Season 2

Survivor's Remorse Season 2 Preview

Season 2 of Starz’s Survivor’s Remorse will be anything but a layup for the Calloway family.

The basketball comedy returns Saturday at 9:30/8:30c and finds Cam Calloway (played by Jessie T. Usher) continuing to navigate sports stardom at the same time he’s dealing with the antics of his larger-than-life immediate family.

“This is his first season being signed to Atlanta after he made a name for himself,” Usher says. “Everybody has high expectations for what he can do.”

The actor gave TVLine the lowdown about the upcoming season. Here’s what to expect, highlight-reel style:

IT’S ALL GOOD | Despite the argument they had in the Season 1 finale (quick recap: It was about a girl), Cam and Reggie are a united front when Season 2 begins. “The ending of that episode was a really big thing, because we wanted people to understand that Cam and Reggie [played by RonReaco Lee] have bigger things that they worry about,” Usher says. “Their bond is strong enough for them to say, ‘OK, that happened, this is how we feel about it. We understand each other, now let’s move forward.'”

LOOK SHARP, THE BOSS IS HERE | NBA star LeBron James, who is an executive producer on the series, will appear in front of the camera in Season 2. James will play himself in an episode where Reggie sits down to play high-stakes poker with the Cavaliers player. How it all unfolds, Usher says, “is gonna be a great surprise.”

FULL COURT STRESS | Cam’s impetuous sister M-Chuck (played by Erica Ash) will find herself in trouble as the season progresses. “She is not easily silenced or controlled, and that’s how she got into these legal problems to begin with,” Usher says, laughing. After Cam’s sister-turned-staffer grows weary of being “micromanaged,” he says, she lashes out. “Now she has to pay the price for that. That’s what happens when you’re in this situation: You have all this money, the media’s all over you. You can’t just do what you feel like doing anymore. That’s a big point in this show. Each of the characters have to learn it in their own way.” He adds, laughing: “She just has to learn through the court system!”

HOME COURT ADVANTAGE | Cam and his family are transitioning to a new living space this season. “They’re moving up a little bit. You’ll see in the first episode why they get a house,” he teases. “Things weren’t working out before.”

BIGGER, BETTER? | This season will take place during the NBA season, so “You’ll see a lot more of Cam having to deal with the press and post-game interviews, talking about scheduling, all that kind of stuff,” Usher previews. “Now you have to worry about Cam staying healthy enough to perform. Of course, there’s a lot of pressure on him.”

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY | Still, don’t expect a lot of the show’s action to take place on the hardwood. “Mike O’Malley, our showrunner, decided that if you start showing a lot of basketball being played, then you have to feed that animal more than you would want to,” Usher explains. Plus, Cam’s family drama, he adds, “is what makes the show different from other shows.”

LOVE & BASKETBALL | “Cam gets a whole lot of lady interaction this season,” Usher says, laughing. A pro athlete who’s popular with women?! Color us shocked. “There’s some girls that he has to just deal with, and then there’s some that he would like to have something more with,” he elaborates. “It’s just a matter of how that fits in with the lifestyle that he lives.”

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