Grey's Anatomy, Charmed and 19 Other Lifetime Unauthorized Movies We Want

Grey's Anatomy Unauthorized Movie

If The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story proved anything, it’s that it doesn’t take a whole lot of documented drama for Lifetime to cobble together a behind-the-scenes movie.

In addition to Saturday’s exposé on Full House  — a show whose best known controversy involves John Stamos’ attempt to get crybabies Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen fired — the cabler has greenlit pics based on the alleged on-set turmoils of Beverly Hills, 90210 and its spinoff, Melrose Place, which will (somewhat) entertain nostalgics this fall.

Assuming that these four projects are part of an exploding trend for the network, TVLine has compiled a list of 21 other shows primed for a Lifetime tell-all treatment.

So check out the gallery below — or click here for direct access — to find out which popular teen drama, daytime gabfest, and TGIF sitcom made the cut. Then hit the comments to let us know which guilty pleasures you’d like to see get the ‘unauthorized’ treatment.