Graceland Sneak Peek: Briggs' Dirty Little Kidnapping Secret Is Out

Graceland Briggs Kidnapped

All eyes are — once again! — on Graceland‘s Paul Briggs, in the wake of last week’s shocking reveal.

When last we tuned in, Mike (Aaron Tveit), in the course of privately following a lead on the license plate that was on Briggs’ radar, learned that it belonged to FBI Deputy Agent Sean Logan (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.). But no sooner did Mike confirm the car’s driver than he saw Logan get black-bagged and thrown into a van driven by Briggs (Daniel Sunjata)!

In the sneak peek below from Thursday’s episode (USA Network, 10/9c), Mike briefs Paige and Johnny (Serinda Swan and Manny Montana) on what he saw, leading the trio to speculate on what their always-unpredictable, envelope-pushing roommate — who was begrudgingly sicced on the Sarkissian clan by Logan — has got himself wrapped up in this time.

Elsewhere in the episode, Charlie (Vanessa Ferlito) devises a new angle to catch Germaine.

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