Scream Sneak Peek: Will Pays Emma a Chilling Visit From Beyond the Grave

Scream Will Returns

Don’t you just hate bumping into your dead ex-boyfriends in the bathroom? Talk about awkward.

Relatable or not, that’s exactly the situation in which Emma finds herself in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday’s Scream (MTV, 10/9c), appropriately titled “Ghosts.” Clearly racked with guilt over Will’s death — in case you forgot, she inadvertently caused a piece of farming equipment to cut him in half — she’s visited by her former lover’s ghost. Both halves of it.

“The crew was very good about safety, and it was actually more special effects than anything else, so I wasn’t in any immediate danger — thank God,” Connor Weil told TVLine about his character’s big death. “But it was intense to shoot; it was a really big deal.”

Hit PLAY on the preview below, then drop a comment with your latest theories: Who’s killing all these kids?!

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