Last Week Tonight Video: John Oliver, Rachel Dratch Tackle Televangelists

John Oliver officially out-John Oliver’d himself on Sunday night.

The host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight chose fraudulent televangelists for his latest target, exposing several false prophets for the greedy, deceitful life-ruiners they really are. (My personal favorite is the preacher who commands his viewers to “act happy” about the private jets he recently purchased. In cash.)

Oliver could have stopped there, but as is tradition, he took it one step further by creating his own (legal!) church known as Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption. And who better to serve as Pastor Oliver’s fake wife than Saturday Night Live alumna Rachel Dratch?

Hit PLAY on the 20-minute segment above — which is well worth your time, in case that might be an issue — and drop a comment with your reaction below.