Intervention No. 200 Sneak Peek: MLB Star's Meth Addict Son Acts Out

This Sunday on Intervention (A&E, 10/9c), the Emmy-winning reality program presents its 200th episode, and TVLine has an exclusive sneak peek at an intense face-off therein.

The milestone hour follows the son and nephew of two Major League Baseball players, David S., who has struggled not only with being compared to his athletic kin but also with his own sexuality. David’s rebellion eventually evolved into an addiction to alcohol and meth, to a point that he began dumpster-diving and sleeping in the alleyways of his family’s upscale neighborhood.

Now, David spends $400 a week on his habits and is deeply paranoid that he is being followed by the government.

In the sneak peek above, the Intervention production team tracks David, which he is “OK” with at first, though soon enough he tells them exactly where they can go.

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