Scream Queens Video: Meet the Outcasts of Fox's New Slasher Comedy

When it comes to her role in Fox’s Scream Queens, Lea Michele says she knows exactly what sealed the deal: “I think it was really just because [Ryan Murphy] was afraid of the meltdown of post-Glee for me.”

This is one of several candid thoughts Michele shares in TVLine’s exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the slasher comedy, premiering Tuesday, Sept. 22 at 9/8c.

We also have a new interview with Keke Palmer, in which she reveals how she found out she landed the role of Zayday. (Hint: It should inspire everyone to book a vacation to Jamaica, immediately.) Check that out below:

Last, but certainly not least, is this video from Skyler Samuels, who shares her own personal connection to the show. (Should Murphy be giving her a co-creator credit?)

Hit PLAY on the videos above, then drop a comment below: From what you’ve seen, who’s your favorite Scream Queen so far?