Degrassi Series Finale Recap: Indecent Promposals

Degrassi Series Finale

School’s out forever now! Friday’s “series” finale of Degrassi sent the school’s senior class out to sea, giving them (and us) one final look at that blessed Canadian institution. (You know, until the franchise returns on Netflix in 2016, this time under the title of Degrassi: Next Class.)

There were a few hiccups along the way — Drew’s promposal to Becky (literally) went up in smoke, dumb-dumb Dallas booked the boat for the wrong night and Clare turned down Eli’s invitation to move in together (twice) — but the Degrassians eventually stumbled into their happy endings. For example:

CLSOPYhUcAAyaHj* Principal regular-guy Simpson snuck back into the school — possibly illegally, but who am I to judge? — to give Clare one last pep talk. She’s still taking a gap year after graduation, and she’s not moving to New York with Eli, but she says she’s “opening myself up to everything,” I’m choosing to ignore everything Degrassi has taught me about long-distance relationships; Clare and Eli will make it work. (I mean, that last line: “If I love you now, imagine how much I’ll love the person you’ll become.” Come on.)

* Becky pressured Imogen to get back together with Jack, triggering an incredible Romeo Juliet and Juliet moment that truly stood out as one of the finale’s finest.

* Drew spent most of the hour convincing the audience we were going to get a Drew-Dallas makeout by finale’s end; it was appropriate that much of the episode was set on boat, because their’s is a Titantic-level bromance for the ages. After saving Dallas’ butt at prom, Drew nearly gave up walking at graduation for his one true love, but Dallas’ quick thinking got his bruh on stage in the end.

* Miles and Hunter got into some kind of sword fight… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

* Lastly, I was not even remotely prepared for the Adam memorial montage during graduation.

Aaaaaaaand scene.

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