The Royals Season 2 Promo Teases More 'Sex, Drugs and Scandal'

When we last left E!’s The Royals, Cyrus had claimed the throne, leaving his family in dire straits — and according to the first Season 2 promo, things haven’t gotten any better in the interim. (FML, indeed.)

For Prince Liam, actor William Moseley explains in the promo, Season 2 is about avenging his father’s death, “whatever the cost. No one’s going to stand in his way.”

Princess Eleanor is also staying true to form in Season 2, as Alexandra Park teases more “sex, drugs and scandal” for her bad-girl character.

“Queen Helena does, indeed, do some villainous things” in Season 2, Elizabeth Hurley acknowledges, but her reign of terror is nothing compared to King (!) Cyrus.

Our sister publication Variety was the first to post this promo.

Hit PLAY on the promo above for your first look at Season 2, then drop a comment below: What are your hopes for The Royals‘ future?

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