Humans Sneak Peek: The Hawkins Family Decides Anita's Fate

My, how Humans‘ Laura Hawkins has changed her tune when it comes to her family’s mysterious looker of an android, Anita.

The Hawkins’ mum, who until very recently was actively lobbying for husband Joe to return Anita to the store, has evolved into the synth’s biggest advocate — as you’ll see in this exclusive sneak peek at this week’s episode.

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In the clip, Joe and Laura explain to the kids what they’ve learned (and regular viewers already knew): Anita is a very old model synth who’s likely been illegally modified.

When the children protest losing their housekeeper/pal, Laura surprises her hubby by joining their side.

“So Anita’s old and weird,” she reasons. “If that’s a good enough reason to get rid of her, then we’re next.”

Press PLAY on the video above for an advance glimpse of Sunday’s episode (AMC, 9/8c).

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