Sharknado 4 Is Coming: But What's the Big Twist? And Will Tara Reid Return?

Sharknado 4

If you made it through all 120+ minutes of Syfy’s Sharknado 3, you know that already a fourth salvo of hammerhead-filled twisters is brewing. But what twist is left to throw at the over-the-top, cheesy-by-design “film” franchise?

Also: Will Tara Reid’s April live to see another Great White get chainsawed?

Sharknado 3, in its final acts, after all, boldly went where no tornado movie has gone before — into outer space, as series hero Fin Shepard (played by Ian Ziering) and his dad Gil (David Hasselhoff) commandeered a “spare” space shuttle in the name of diffusing the “sharkicane” that was assaulting the Eastern seaboard of the United States.

Hell, they even armed Fin with a laser chainsaw, so one could argue that no cool tricks are left in the area of shark-snuffing weapons.

The very final scene, meanwhile, dropped a piece of space shuttle debris on Fin’s baby mama April, cuing an on-screen graphic inviting us to tweet about (using #AprilLives or #AprilDies) and/or vote on (at Syfy.com) the fate of Tara Reid’s heretofore indestructible alter ego.

TVLine readers gave the threequel an average grade of “B-“ (compared to the original’s “B+); Nielsen ratings will reported late Thursday.

I’ll go first with a plot prediction for Sharknado 4, and folks I am dead serious:

Aliens will copulate with wayward sharks that drifted off into space and spawn a hybrid breed of walking, perhaps-talking, hyperintelligent sharks hellbent on ruling Earth.

OK, your turn to suggest No. 4’s big twist.

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