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Mindy Project Season 4 Premiere Title Revealed — But What Does It Mean?

Mindy Project Season 4

For the record, Mindy Kaling is just as excited about the return of The Mindy Project (now on Hulu!) as you are.

In fact, Kaling is so pumped about the new season that she tweeted a picture of the premiere’s script — penned by Kaling herself — which revealed the title to be “While I Was Sleeping.”


Curiously, this wasn’t the original title of the premiere. Prior to Kaling’s tweet, it was rumored to be “How My Father Met Your Mother (And Father)” and was set to introduce Mindy’s dad, Tarun Lahiri.

Then again, with the recent news that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will guest-star in the Sliding Doors-inspired premiere as Mindy’s husband — in an alternate reality, of course — it stands to reason most of the action would take place while Ms. Lahiri is unconscious.

Your hopes for Mindy‘s fourth season, hitting the web later this year? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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