Wayward Pines Finale Sneak Peek: The Abbies Have Invaded [Spoiler]!

As Fox’s Wayward Pines uncorks its finale this Thursday at 9/8c, the abbies are on the loose — and poised to munch on two people very close to Sheriff Ethan Burke.

In this exclusive sneak peek from the finale, titled “Cycle,” the good folk of Wayward Pines have done just as I suspected/hoped they would after Pilcher cruelly powered down the town and its protective fence — sought refuge in the underground tunnel system that Theresa discovered beneath Plot 33.

Alas, the industrious abbies have found their way underground as well. Hmm, has anyone seen Ben? Or Theresa??

The Wayward Pines cast has promised “not many survivors,” once the dust has settled at season’s end. Will Ethan be able to save his entire family?

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