Empire Season 2 Promo Shocker: Cookie in a Cage!?

Good news for Empire‘s Lucious Lyon: Unlike so many of us, he looks pretty good in head-to-toe orange.

Better still, Jamal, his erstwhile black sheep son (but current heir to his record-label throne), is performing in major outdoor venues with a #FreeLucious banner behind him. Yep, as the Season 2 teaser trailer for Fox’s ratings sensation promises, it’s a “new Empire.”

That said, what in tarnation is Lucious’ ex-wife Cookie doing behind bars? (OK, it’s kind of a sexy, on-stage situation, but please tell us Jamal isn’t relegating her to backup-singer duties as punishment for consorting with Boo-Boo Kitty.)

Press PLAY above for the full situation — fret not, Taraji P. Henson is serving wardrobe for dayyyyys, honey! — then sound off with your thoughts!

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