Complications Sneak Peek: Can John Keep His 'Drug Secret' From Sam?

The Complications keep on coming for Dr. John Ellison, as seen in this exclusive sneak peek from the increasingly intense USA Network drama.

When last we tuned in, John (played by Jason O’Mara) had “confessed” his drug problem to colleague Bridget (Lauren Stamile), after she found the morphine vial he discarded after Darius’ impromptu bullet removal in the PT room.

In the video clip above, Bridget — following a run-in with the ever-curious police — is rarin’ to follow up with John about his odd behavior and “problem,” but his wife is hovering nearby. Will Bridget be able to zip her lip before Sam (Beth Riesgraf) gets wind of what’s gone awry?

One thing is for sure: One way or another, the jig may soon enough be up for John at home, when new information from (of course) Kyle fuels Samantha’s suspicions about her husband!

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