Aquarius Video: David Duchovny on Acid Is a Trippy Sight, Man

Aquarius Spoilers David Duchovny Acid

In the following exclusive Aquarius preview, you’ll experience mind-altering substances, a bare-chested David Duchovny and Ronald Reagan — and no, you’re not the one on acid.

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When Manson slips Hodiak a spiked drink in Saturday’s episode (NBC, 9/8c), the results are… freeing for the tightly wound detective. Of course, Duchovny’s alter ego makes a beeline for Grace’s place, only to be told he’s crashing a party attended by then-Gov. Reagan.

Thank goodness Shafe shows up in time, eh?

Elsewhere in the hour, Hodiak tries to help a fellow detective whose long-held secret is about to be exposed, and Shafe gets a break on the heroin case.

Turn on, tune in, drop out and press PLAY on the video below for a trippy good time.

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