Fall TV Preview

Fall TV Death-Watch: 18 Characters We Fear Won't Survive Past 2015

The fall TV season is practically upon us — hey, at least we’re not pushing holiday-season sales yet — and while that’s good news for your workaholic DVR, it’ll probably spell the demise of at least a few beloved TV characters.

After all, even if your favorite series hasn’t booked The Grim Reaper for a season-premiere guest spot, November sweeps (and its high body count) is right on the horizon, followed closely by the winter-finale killing fields.

With that in mind, Team TVLine cooked up a list of characters from series including The Walking Dead (R.I.P. Glenn?!), Empire, Nashville, The Blacklist and more who could use a Whoopi-in-Ghost-esque, “You in danger, girl!” warning.

Check out our gallery below for the full lineup — or click here for direct access — then hit the comments and tell us if any of our picks will be causing you insomnia over the next few months!