Video: Wayward Pines Finale Features 'A Lot of Gunfire, A Lot of Abbies,' Few Survivors — 'It's All-Out War!'

The town of Wayward Pines will be put to the ultimate test this Thursday at 9/8c, in the Fox drama’s grand finale.

When last we tuned in, Dr. David Pilcher (played by Toby Jones) — a creator scorned — impetuously responded to Sheriff Ethan Burke’s truth-telling in the town square by shutting down all of the power — including that which electrifies the perimeter fence. Thus, the savage abbies just outside are ready, willing and now able to clamber into town and enjoy a feeding frenzy.

“It’s all-out war,” says Carla Gugino in the exclusive video above, whilst splattered in fake blood from the finale’s filming. Adds Charlie Tahan, who plays Ben: “[There’s] a lot of gunfire, a lot of abbies… not too many survivors.”

Who do you think won’t survive the finale?

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