Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk Talk 'Reviving' Firefly in Con Man and Gunning for Adam Baldwin in Season 2

Alan Tudyk hatched the idea for his meta-drenched Firefly sendup Con Man in Nathan Fillion‘s kitchen.

“That’s where I make all of my deals now,” Fillion jokes of the Tudyk-created project, which debuts on Vimeo in September and features the Castle star in a recurring role.

Con Man finds Tudyk playing a down-on-his-luck actor whose claim to fame was a short-lived cult series titled Spectrum. Since the show’s cancellation a decade ago, he has made a living attending regional sci-fi conventions and trying (unsuccessfully) to step out of his more famous co-star’s (Fillion) shadow.

In the above Q&A, conducted earlier this month at Comic-Con, Tudyk and Fillion break down the project’s not-so-subtle Firefly parallels, discuss navigating the fine line between satire and mockery, and reveal the Season 2 role they’re targeting Adam Baldwin for.

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