Emmys 2015: The 47 Biggest Snubs

We hope you brought your favorite pillow to work today, because you most certainly needed something into which you could scream ragefully after perusing the snubs-tastic list of 2015 Emmy nominations.

Yes, sure, by now the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ disdain for certain shows (i.e. Parenthood), networks (how you doin’, The CW? ), genres (anything sci-fi or horror) and actors (sorry, Charlie Hunnam!) should come as no surprise. But when talent gets disregarded and disrespected, it still stings.

So, while we’re stoked about some fresh blood in the list of TV contenders — Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt! Jeffrey Tambor! Tatiana Maslany (at last)! Niecy Freakin’ Nash! — there are nevertheless some omissions that had us shouting more expletives than a stubbed toe against a metal-legged coffee table in a darkened living room.

We’ve collected some of the biggest snubs in the gallery below — click here for direct access! — to help work through your complicated Emmys-related emotions. Read it, then sound off!

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